Shiozawa Pesuto,[1] also known simply as Rat (ラット, Ratto) or Pest[2], is one of the various employees of Atsushi-Ya.[3] His ambition is to rule all rodents and animals.[4]


Rat is seemingly part of the "Rat Industry", an industry that has many rivals, including mice,[5] which are apparently not related to his kind's business.


As a simple antagonist, Rat is kind of one-note only wanting to rule over all animals. In short, Rat is a single-minded determinist.


Rat is a jet black rodent of the murine rodent family who stands on his hind legs as well as having aggresive looking, whited-out eyes, and he sometimes curls his tail. He is tall enough to reach Usher and You's waists, although he was originally far shorter.


Usher: Rat had infested Usher's bar, Atsushi-Ya, with a toxic plague becuase of Usher's resistance towards Rat's overall plan. Rat presumably hates him or at least doesn't favor him, like most of the other employees. He even joins Usher's personal hate club.

Soul Eater GaidenEdit

Gaiden 1 (Soul Eater)Edit

Usher is the manager of Atsushi-Ya, a bar for crazy people take a break from their insane lives as he puts it and he talks to the reader brifely about the fact that we're here is that our Soul Wavelengths must be in tune. A jet black rat aptly named 'Rat' comes into his establishment, and Usher proceeds to kick him out the door. Rat swears he spread disease, prompting Usher to become flustered and become a bird. His bar is 'plagued with disease'.[6]

Gaiden 2 Edit

Rat, along with Tonogai and You, forms an Usher hate club. When asked by Usher if he is jealous not to be in his new manga, he replies with 'not really'.

Gaiden 3 Edit

Rat shows up briefly in the third edition of Gaiden, where he is introduced as a biological weapon.

Gaiden 4 Edit

Rat pressures Usher into revealing some behind-the-scenes of Soul Eater as well as reading Volume 2 to see if Witch Medusa's hair actually twisted to the left in that volume.

Gaiden 5 Edit

Rat merrily plays a game with the rest of the employees of Atsushi-Ya.

Gaiden 6 Edit

Rat participates in sending Tonogai back to space with a kick. He then attends the latter's grave as You sent the alien back to Earth, killing him.

Gaiden 7 Edit

Rat lets Usher know more about him on the latter's command. He rolls around on the floor shouting 'creature' and crying, only stopping to state that he especially likes zombies.

Gaiden 8 Edit

Rat tries on the helmet crab, Kazukimaru, and introduces himself as a little white mouse who hates black things and horror films, saying that he will protest against the latter. He fights over the crab with Catlabor and Usher.

Gaiden 9 Edit

Rat has an explosive fight with Catlabor.

Gaiden 10 Edit

Usher returns to Atsushi-Ya from a friend's wedding to find Catlabor and Kazukimaru tearful. They reveal that Rat has died.


  • Rat is a "black rat", a species of rat that originated from the tropics of Asia.
  • A curious detail is that Rat seems to have peach-red eyes in his first colour illustration. However, he was standing in front of You, who has trousers of a similar pigment.

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