Sorcerers (魔道師, Madoushi) are humanoid being with the ability to manipulate magic similarly to witches.[1]


Much like witches, their appearance is just like that of a human's.[2]

Among Witches, the view on sorcerers shows some level of reverence in their magic prowess, as observed when Eruka Frog's incantation on performing Magic Calculation pay respect to Rerené Descartes[3] and when Death himself assumes that witches themselves are familiar with extremely powerful sorcerer items such as the Book of Eibon.[4]

Non-Witches hold a far more skeptical view on sorcerers, indicated when Death the Kid considered Eibon to be just another "villainous scum" just from being introduced to a demon tool he created.[5]

Types of Sorcerers

They're several types of sorcerers:

  • Great Old One (旧支配者, Guratto Orrudo Wan): Among sorcerers, a Great Old One is capable of being born from them and can embody an entire type of madness.[6]
  • Icon (偶像, Gūzō): Artificial, human-like sorcerers created from the Book of Eibon that personify one of the chapters within the book (in which said chapters are named after the Seven Deadly Sins). Noah (Greed) is an example of Icons.[7]

Special Abilities

Common abilities sorcerer possess are:

  • Magic (魔法, Mahō): Although sorcerers do not practice magic like witches (utilized it through spells or willpower)[8], they're capable of nevertheless wielding it through currently unknown means.[1] With their methods, they can create demon tools and even artificial life (with souls even) in the form of demon tool soldiers.[9]
  • Longevity: Also much like their closely similar female counterparts, sorcerers can live far longer then humans, being capable of living up to centuries old as far as eight hundred years.[10]


  • Demon Book (魔法書, Mahō-sho): Demon books are among the tools utilized by sorcerers in their usage of magic.[11]

List of Sorcerers

Name Type Status
Eibon Great Old One Active
Noah (Greed) Icon Active
Noah (Wrath) Icon Active
Noah (Lust) Icon Active
Noah (Envy) Icon Active
Noah (Sloth) Icon Active
Noah (Pride) Icon Active
Noah (Gluttony) Icon Active
Rerené Descartes None Unknown



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