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The Sorcerer Prisoner is the unnamed and insane Sorcerer who is currently incarcerated in the Witch Prison in the Witches' Realm.[1]


The Sorcerer prisoner is a disturbed individual who has a habit of muttering to himself "one plus two plus..." repeatedly and seems unaware of the difference between addition and multiplication. When corrected by a guard, his insanity surfaces, howling loudly.[1]


The Sorcerer prisoner appears as a elderly man with some sort of skin condition as well with only a few strands of hair.[1]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Magic (魔法, Mahō): In the anime, his magic involves creating strong winds via loud screams.[2]


Experiment arcEdit

The Sorcerer prisoner began "adding", citing "one plus two plus..." repeatedly, irritating a guard. He then goes on for a length of time before questioning how many times has he multiplied and repeated both the phrase and the question. When the guard informs him he's only been adding and hasn't multiple once, he screams, surprising the guard to the point he falls out of his seat.[1]


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