Soul's Piano (魂のピアノ, Tamashī no Piano) is a powerful, spiritual instrument obtained by Soul Eater after his exposure to the Black Blood. It is used within his individual soul.[1]


This piano allows the user the capability of transmitting other wavelengths via sound, enabling special phenomenons such as Soul Resonance even within a Magnetic Field, in which disrupts the senses required to usually do so.[2] Doing so, however, requires a user(a Meister with great Soul Perception abilities.[3] This can be done within their own "soul dimension" within their weapon forms per being part of them[citation needed] or for those whom achieved a Death Scythe status, it can also be done independently with a transformation into a keyboard in their weapon forms, though the capability is greatly diminished compared to being partnered up with a Meister.[4]

The piano can also influence the use of the Black Blood, allowing it to harmonize with another possessor of the Black Blood and/or create a Black Blood Armor for an individual's Meister as well as grant vast regeneration abilities.[5]

Power of the Spider QueenEdit

The Power of the Spider Queen (力の"蜘蛛の女王", Chikara no "kumo no joō") describes the set of songs Soul was able to use after consuming Arachne Gorgon's soul.[6] Gaining Magical-Like Powers, his Wavelength Control became more advanced was capable of performing:


As a power influenced by the Black Blood, the piano risks throwing its users into Madness with extensive use, requiring the user to possess strong willpower in order to withstand this effect.[7] Furthermore, a more powerful opponent whose soul generates more sound makes the piano not only incapable of performing techniques such as Soul Adagio but can also backfire on the user.[8]

List of TechniquesEdit


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