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Soul's admirer is a DWMA student who wished to have Soul Evans as her weapon partner after he became a Death Scythe.[1]


The admirer is a girl younger than Soul and Maka, as she calls them "senpai". She is more than a little arrogant, but also cowardly. When she took an interest in Soul as weapon partner, she was not a unique case. However, she was the only one of many who resorted to following him everywhere throughout the school. She never approached him, though, opting to stare at him from around corners. Whenever Maka was with him, she became a target of hostile glaring by the admirer. The admirer strongly believed Maka not to be a fit partner for Soul.[1]


She is about half a head shorter than Maka, but otherwise has a comparable petite build. She has large, rounded eyes that give her a youthful look, though that is offset by her uptight haircut and fashion choice. Her hair, which is tied into ringlet-pigtails with black ribbons, is dark in color. She wears a DWMA emblem-barrette on her left and there's not a strand of her haircut out of place. Symbolically, her haircut is a more luxurious version of Maka's. She goes dressed in a simple school uniform consisting of a shirt with jacket and a cord-based tie, a skirt, and high black socks and black shoes.



Stealth: The admirer has some skill at going around unnoticed, as she managed to follow Soul and Maka for quite a while with the former never knowing her presence and the latter owing her awareness to Soul Perception.[2]


Business Lunch ArcEdit

The admirer begins stalking Soul and Maka while multiple Meisters are trying to gain Soul's favor, constantly standing just around corners to glare at the duo. Soul is oblivious to her presence, but Maka notices her due to Soul Perception.[1]

War on the Moon II ArcEdit

While in attendance for Kid's ascension to the role of Lord Death, the admirer stands in a part of the crowd composed of fans of Soul. Unlike them, she still holds resentment about never having partnered up with him and does not contribute to the jubilation of the moment.[4]


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