Soul Eater Guidebook - How to make a Death Scythe Cover
Book Data
English Title Soul Eater Guidebook:
How to Make a Death Scythe
Alternate Title(s)
Author(s) Ohkubo Atsushi
Publisher(s) Square Enix
Release Date January 12, 2009
Genre(s) Guide
Original Run
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Soul Eater Super Guidebook: How to Make a Death Scythe is a guidebook written by Atsushi Ōkubo and published by Square Enix. The guidebook features special information about the world of Soul Eater.


The book features character profiles and author comments, numerous battle analysis titled "battle results", a world guide to Soul Eater, story guides, a special interview with the series' creator, and special comics of Soul Eater GAIDEN and Soul Eater Monotone Princess.

Translation differences

The guidebook features alternate spellings for characters' names. In the Japanese version, some of the different spellings are: Patti, Harver De Eclair, Kirikou Rung, Sid Barrett, Mirra Neigus, Beater Joe, Eruca Frog, Giricco, Ashura, and Pierrot.

Character's powers entries, skill names, and description vary between translation. Although some entry translation between Japanese to other languages (Italian, German, etc.) are consistent with same information shared, others details are  completely different



  • There are several "report dates" from DWMA's special case reports although they appear to be random set of numbers besides all of then starting out as "008" and consisting of eight numbers:
    • 00835215: The report date of DWMA's case report about Crona's surfacing and concerns about the imminent signs of a Kishin
    • 00831578: The report date of DWMA's case report about DWMA's failure to stop Medusa's plan of resurrecting Asura.
    • 00833598: The report date of DWMA's case report about Arachnophobia's activities being the most notable since Asura's resurrection


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