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The Soul Eater Encyclopedia is a collaborative encyclopedia about the Soul Eater anime and manga series created by Atsushi Ōkubo. We are currently editing over 1,709 articles, and 7,796 files since July 10, 2008.

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The story so far....

Eight hundred years ago, the world was protected by Eight Shinigami Legions, a group of dedicated to to preserving the world order. Led by the Grim Reaper himself, the group faced a betrayal by Death's own apprentice, who became a kishin and wrecked havoc on the world with his powers of insanity.

Forced to be sealed away by his own master, the group disbanded. The Grim Reaper then founded Death Weapon Meister Academy (also by the acronym "DWMA") to act in it's place. Students within the school, enrolled as either meisters (users of demon weapons) or demon weapons (humans who can transform into weapons), are educated and supervised at a young age to prevent the uprising of another kishin while upholding the responsibility of fighting against the forces of evil and the collection of souls of the deceased.

Those of the N.O.T Class (Normally Overcome Targets) aspire to learn to control their weapons powers and/or seek opportunities made available through the school's trusted reputation around the world. However, those of the E.A.T Class (Especially Advantaged Talent) instead used their powers to fight evil while many aspire to create a death scythe, a powerful weapon made by collecting 99 evil human souls and one witch's soul.

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SEN! - Chapter 42.png
Final Chapter: It's a Savage But Super-Fun Life ♪

Tsugumi and her two meisters face down Shaula Gorgon in a fight to the finish, to determine the fate of Death City and its students' survival.

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SEN! - Episode 12.png
Episode 12: Soul Resonance!

After finding Meme, Tsugumi & Anya battle both her and Shaula in a test of wills and desires. Shaula is giving everything she has after all three girls eventually reunite to perform a miracle. In the end, all you really have is friends and unbreakable bonds.

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  • June 13th 2012: "Soul Eater" Chapter 99 released in Japan. Eater Chapter 91 and Soul Eater Not! Chapter 9 EXTRA have been released in Japan. Chapter 92 and Not! Chapter 10 will be released on November 13th.
  • September 12th, 2011: Soul Eater Chapter 90 and Soul Eater Not! Chapter 9 have been released in Japan. Chapter 91 and Not! Chapter 10 will be released on October 12th.
  • Soul Eater Volume 20 and Soul Eater Not! Volume 1 are to be released on September 22 in Japan.
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