Grammarphobia is a group of users on the Soul Eater Wikia who dedicate their efforts into making sure that all pages are revised and have correct grammar as well as spelling. All users should be familiar with our policies and guidelines, such as the Manual of Style, prior to wishing to join this group.


Users who are part of Grammarphobia have a few responsibilities as users on the wikia who dedicate themselves partially or wholly (depending on the individual) to achieving the goal of maintaining all articles into possessing good grammatical standing:

  • Each article is judged by the Cult Leader and they assign the rating of the article in three codes: Code Green, Code Yellow, and Code Red. Code Green articles are articles which are in good standing. Code Yellow articles are articles in decent standing but still needing revision. Code Red are articles with poor grammatical structure and need the most changes. They add templates to the top of the page which express the "Code" as well as categorize the levels.
  • The "Underlings", or normal users, are users who then go and update those pages, revise, and correct the page until the Cult Leader deems it fit and good. This process simply repeats itself until we one day achieve the goal of having all articles in good grammatical standing.


Members of GrammarphobiaEdit

Cult LeaderEdit

The Cult Leader has a variety of responsibilities:

  • They're known as the "expert" of grammar on the Soul Eater Wikia. All questions regarding grammatical structure should go to them.
  • They make the final decision on any sort of problem related to grammar and/or spelling.
Name Position Status
EmeraldReaperCult LeaderActive





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