Wondering how you can contribute to the wiki? Here's a list of things the wiki could use help with:

Episode articles Edit

We get plenty good enough summaries for Episodes by re-using Creative Commons licensed summaries from Wikipedia's List of Soul Eater episodes article. However what we really want are detailed episode pages with the full plot of the episode, as well as trivia notes on relevant differences between the anime and manga and other interesting bits for readers.

We have a fair sized list of episode articles needing episode content, feel free to go over the list and help out.

Chapter SummariesEdit

This wikia's Chapter summary only extend to the 2 or 3rd Volume of Soul Eater and recent chapters up to the end. There's a large gap that needs to be covered!  Please update/create those pages with nice summaries of what happen! Also, make it detailed and don't be afraid to post pictures! There will be a Policy on Spoilers soon and how you should use them accordingly for people who read anything on this site! When it's up, it must be followed. 

New TemplatesEdit

I've recently created a couple of templates to help out on this wikia. So far, I've gotten a Ability template, Location Template, and Character templates to be used for this site! They're based off of the Fairy Tail Wiki's template but modified for Soul Eater's Standards. I will try perfect them the best I can! They're pretty usable right now, though. Be sure to replace the old templates with the newer one and fill out the information accordingly!  You should be familiar with how to use Wikitext. Otherwise, you might have trouble with setting them up. They're not like the "Forms" we normally use and can be complicated the first time around. If you need help, contact JayAaerow for information on how to do so!

Establishing a CommunityEdit

A Major goal for this Wikia is to establish a much bigger community. One that has active discussion everyday or every week.  What we need for you to do is to get on the Wikia a litle bit more If possible and help out this wikia! Editing Articles and helping fix these problems are great ways! Also, encouraging other people who are on wikias to come to the Soul Eater Wikia is a great idea, too! Especially If they just so happen to know a thing or 2 about Soul Eater! 


A big thing about wikias is that you're suppose to source your materials. Yeah, some of us perhaps do this like...every once in a while but it should be done often! However, this cannot be enforced yet! However, If you're reading this, I highly encourage you reference/source your claims/ material! It's important you do. 

Character Page's New Manual Of Style.Edit

All the Character pages within this wikia needs to be updated to it's current Manual of Style. The Manual of Style tells of how the Wikia pages should be ordered. And to also move any pictures in the "Parts in the Story" from the Manga section to the anime section. 

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