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This page is considered an official policy on the Soul Eater FANDOM. It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow. Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.

This page discusses the Image Policy in the Soul Eater Wikia

Using Images

  • Images or GIFs that are not used after a certain amount of time(a week) will be subjection to deletion. It must be used in at least one article or user page.
  • Only images from the Anime, Manga, and other media from the Official Soul Eater franchise can be used here. No unofficial sources such as  fanart are allowed on this wikia.(Exception is for user profiles only)
  • While the Soul Eater has no set sizes, we recommend at least 250px when posting a picture on an article

Uploading Images


  • Images in articles are of to be either in JPG or PNG format. GIFs are acceptable.
  • Do not duplicate images. They will be deleted If duplicate images are spotted. 
  • Do not upload pornographic material or images with inappropriate language. These will be deleted immediately and the uploader is subject to block without warning from an Administrator.
  • Only upload images you intend on using. If they're not used within a week, they will be deleted. You're welcome to re-upload If you find a use for them after deletion. 
  • Do not claim images as your own. Technically, only Ohkubo Atushi and other official sources own any official content related to Soul Eater
  • Fan art is allowed in User Pages
  • Only images that have no personal modifications or content are allowed.
    • A exception may include translated pages and credits for an image source.


Images should be free of error whenever possible. This means no mouse pointers or borders should be seen.

File Names

The file name should depict what it is and would be used for. Long strings of numbers and gibberish are considered bad file names. However, Vague files names(Such as "Fight.png" when covering a fight between Stein and Medusa) is just as bad. Any images caught with bad file names are subject to deletion due to the fact bad files names normally increases changes of a duplication being uploaded.


Any changes to a profile image must have had a vote from the Article's Talk page before being change. Any edits changing the profile picture will be reverted and a warning will be administered by an Admin and a block may occur If it happens again.

Legal Tagging

Regardless of any claims from any user on this sit or another site, all of the image copyright remains with Ohkubo Atushi. No one else can claim this or restrict any use of it

All images that are uploaded need to be properly marked with their fair use tag and fair use rationale. Those that aren't may be marked for deletion with the "No license" or "No Rationale" tags.

Scrolling through the various licensing options available provides a description of what that particular template means. The ones that will most typically be used are General, Manga Scan, and TV Screenshot. When adding an image, you need to provide a detailed "fair use rationale". This means adding a description of what the image is about, the source, portion of copyrighted material used (Example: page 2 of chapter 13), what the image will be used for (i.e. to provide an example of Medusa's spell), resolution (low, high, medium) and the replaceability, which should pretty much always say that it's replaceable, only with a similar image of higher quality and similar license status. You can add the "fair use rationale" template into the summary box.

Do not replace an image by uploading one with the same filename. Do not overwrite an existing image. Upload all images under a new filename. This is because the new image may have a different fair use rationale that may be needed, the image may link to multiple pages and the image may not need to be changed on all pages. The only time when it is acceptable to replace an image with a new one is if you are uploading a fairly identical image of higher quality.


Images will be marked for deletion if they are unused, have no foreseeable use, and/or violate any of the policies listed above. If you upload an image for use on your user page, but choose to no longer use it, tag it for deletion by using the "delete" template.

All user are welcome to add the "No license", "No Rationale", "Poor filename", "Poor quality" and "delete" tags to images to get an administrator's attention on an image that violates the policies outlined above.


Violators of this policy will be given initial warnings, while continued violations will result in a block of the users account.Questions about this policy, or about any warnings or blocks received as a violation of this policy should be directed to an Administrator.

  • Images with the "No Rationale", or "No license" template must be fixed within 3 days, or, in the case of a "Poor filename" template, have an admin fix the problem before their photo is deleted.
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