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This page contains information on an official guideline on the Soul Eaterpedia. It is considered a standard that all editors should follow. Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.

The Naming Guidelines are guidelines to assist users when it comes to naming the pages on the Soul Eater Wikia.


The Soul Eater Wikia prefers the usage of OFFICIAL material when naming pages. Yen Press Translation is the first and foremost used in naming pages, followed by the usage of Funimation's Sub/Dub naming should Yen Press Translation be unavailable. However, if neither are present, scanlation/user-oriented translations from the wiki is available to be used.

Yen Press > Funimation Dub > Funimation Sub> Scanlation/Fansub

Naming Articles

As stated above, articles should be named however it is officially named. However, be sure to keep in mind that articles should be singular in naming.

Naming Characters Articles

The Soul Eater Wikia prefers that we use the REAL NAMES  of characters when naming pages. As such, we generally do not prefer to use the alias or nicknames for any characters if it can be helped. This is to ensure organization and consistency throughout the wiki.


As discussed on the Image Policy, the name of an image must relate to what's being uploaded. Names with bad file names risk being deleted and/or changed by an administrator without warning.

Conjecture Material

Articles made from material in which doesn't have a official name is fine on the Soul Eater Wiki. We encourage to:

  • Give it the best naming you, the editor, can come up with that describes the article being made. If the naming proves too difficult, either propose the page to be made by a more experienced user in the forums or do your best anyway and initiate a discussion on the talk page.
  • Be sure to use the Conjecture template.
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