This article will discuss how the wiki determines the status of characters within Soul Eater and how it should be addressed within the articles.

Manga or Anime?

The Soul Eater Wikia strives to be a wikia in which gives all information about Soul Eater. Including the anime and manga. Because Canoncity Guidelines dictates that the anime will count as it own canon, meaning this wikia also supports the anime just as much as the manga. Meaning If a character has died in the Anime but not in the manga or vice versa, this site will acknowledge this within the "Status" option within the infoboxes. Also, the category "Category:Status dependent on Version" will be used.

Available Statuses


When a character is alive, the infobox should read "Alive" within the status portion of the character infobox. Their article must also be written in a present tense that implies they're currently still active. No sourcing is required.


When a character is deceased there's a few things that must take place. The status portion of the infobox must read "Deceased". Sourcing may be required. In addition, the article must be written in a past tense to imply the character is dead.

However, there are some cases in which a character is dead in the manga but alive in the anime (e.g Justin Law & Joe Buttataki. In these cases, the manga take prescedent. While the including of the anime in which they're alive may be included in the status box, the article is to be written in a past tense still.

Presumed Deceased

A character who is presumed deceased is a character who is currently considered deceased but there's hints that may be alive. Despite the presumption, the article will be written like that of a deceased article! In addition, SOURCING IS REQUIRED.


A character who is incarcerated is trapped by some means, whether it be jail or being sealed. Sourcing may be necessary.


When a character's status is unknown, it means that the wiki itself (or the editor at the time) cannot come to a conclusion of the current status of a character. The article will be written in present sense as If the character was alive/incarcerated. Sourcing may not be required.

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