Soul menace (魂威, Kon'i; FUNimation "Soul Force") is an advanced meister-exclusive attack in which users attack with their soul wavelength.[6]


Episode 8 - Stein uses Soul Menace on Crona

Stein performs Soul Menace on Crona.

Contrasting to the usual usage of a Demon Weapon to amplify one's Soul Wavelength to attack, Soul Menace is an attack which allows the user to strike their opponent by channeling their own Soul Wavelength without the usage of a weapon. This results in an electrical-like attack with powerful concussive force capable of even damaging a weapon in their weapon form.[6] This technique can also be used underwater, which is more powerful to the point it produces a powerful linear shockwave from one hand if performed by a proficient user.[7]


Franken Stein's Variations

Black☆Star's Variations


  • The confusing second kanji used in this move is also the same as the one used in Kakashi Hatake's Kamui technique in the Naruto series.


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