Soul Perception (魂感知, Tamashī Kanchi) is a meister technique in which relates to the ability to perceive souls.[1]


After Death Weapon Meister Academy was founded, the academy and the Witch Order were locked into centuries-long conflicts. In order to counter the various spells Witches had used against their agents, Human Meisters developed the technique known as "Soul Perception" to find Witches. However, soon after, they developed Soul Protect to counter the technique.[1]


Those with Soul Perception have the ability to perceive the souls of other living individuals and, depending on their skill level, can "read" a person's soul to various degrees depending on a person's aptitude. At a basic level, one can simply sense another soul/or nearby presence, though one of the various difficulties in using this ability is getting through the "noise" of the souls of others, which requires a great deal of focus to achieve.[2] At the pinnacle of a user's Soul Perception, one could assess an individual's Soul Wavelength, personality,[3] and even an opponent's battle capability and type of soul[4] as well as their emotional states.[5]


While this ability is exclusive to Meisters only, it is a known fact that Demon Weapons who enter a Soul Resonance with their Meister also inherit the ability to perceive souls, though this only lasts as long as the Resonance does before the ability is lost and cannot be attained.[6]


Despite its advantages, the Soul Protect spell has the ability to effectively render this ability useless[1] as well as the added fact that those who practice Soul Perception are more susceptible to Madness due to their sixth sense being more acute.[7] The Magnetic Field on Lost Island also can interfere with Soul Perception with "noise", rendering Soul Perception useless.[8]

This technique is also locked only to certain races, with Witches being specified to not have the capability according to Medusa Gorgon.[9]



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