Soul Protect (ソウルプロテクト, Souru Purotekuto) is a High-Level Spell used by Witches to counter Soul Perception.[3]


After the emergence of Soul Perception among Humans, the Witch Order then created spell to counter the aforementioned technique.[4]


This advanced Spell surrounds their soul and it's signals, making their Soul Wavelength disappear and camouflages their soul like that of a normal Human. This Spell is capable enough of evading Soul Perception from a Humans and Death Gods.[5][6] However, an individual is unable to use any of their innate Magic while under the spell's effect.[7]

Due to the nature of the spell's ability to shut off specific wavelengths, it can also be used to end a Clown's Infinite Propagation abilities with another specialized spell.[8]


Although Soul Protect is difficult to pierce, there's only two known ways:

  • It was speculated by Sid Barrett that a technique capable of piercing Soul Protect was possible, though it required one to become a Kishin for the possibility to be there.[9]
  • Select individuals with Super Soul Perception have the ability to see through a Witch's Soul Protect.[10]

List of SpellsEdit


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