A Book on Soul Studies

A book on Soul Studies.

Soul Studies, also known as Plasmology, is the study of the soul,[1] which is the spiritual and/or immaterial element of a being.[2] It is revealed early on in the series that the souls of individuals are studied like that of any other subject.[1] In Soul Eater, the soul and its concept is one of the more important themes within the series.[3]


The soul, implied like that of the real world, is the origin of all the characters and is a manifestation of each character's personality, psyche and abilities.[4] People with special types of soul can utilize different powers and abilities. Though in the world of Soul Eater, the soul seems to be a semi-tangible organ-like orb and can be perceived by the five senses, but does hold abstract concepts like emotions and sanity.


  • The large soul of Death.
  • The Hitoma-like appearance of the soul.

The soul of individuals have two different distinct looks depending on circumstances. Whenever an individual is living and is using their power, their soul may expand and shows varying characteristics such as the color, size, and features.[3]

Whenever deceased or looking into the depth of an individual in a resting state, All souls, however different they are in appearance, all share the same basic shape: a round ball about the size of a grapefruit with a flame-like tail, similar to the "Hitodama" depicted in ancient Japanese myth. Each person's soul differs in appearance, color, size, strength, the strength of the Soul Wavelength etc. However, the average human soul appears to have a light blue pigment when isolated from the body, as well as a lack of distinguishable features.[3]

Spiritual DimensionEdit

  • The Spiritual Dimension of Soul Eater's soul.Go to The Black Room
  • Soul's appearance in his dimension.
  • Crona's Spiritual Dimension.
  • Crona's Spiritual Avatar.
  • Maka and Little Orgre dressed based on Soul's tastes.

Within each soul of an individual seems to be a sort of spiritual dimension which reflects the personality of the person itself. Examples include that of The Black Room.[5] The person within the soul acts as its avatar and has control over how it looks and what goes on within the Spiritual Dimension.[5] While certain persons such as Soul Eater and Crona have soul dimensions that seem to imitate physical details, other dimensions seem to be blank space, often shadowy (as in the first anime) or a lighter color (as in the anime Soul Eater NOT!).

Depending on the person and their preference, various things like the clothes may change when within their spiritual dimension to fit one's personality. For example, Soul Eater's appearance whenever he appears within the dimension may change, whether he appears nude, dressed in the clothes he was wearing upon transformation, or dressed in a pinstripe suit. Other characters such as Liz and Patty Thompson have had newly gained demon tool attire, such as their Incom, appear in their spiritual dimension, albeit with no other clothes on.[6] Many weapons, however, appear to be naked within their this dimension. This physical appearance often appears on a reflective surface for some weapons, including scythes (Soul and Spirit Albarn), chain scythes (Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, guns (Liz and Patty Thompson), spears (Harvar D. Éclair), and halberds (Tsugumi Harudori).

Damage experienced by the physical body may appear in the spiritual dimension, and vice versa. For example, if the weapon form was damaged, the reflection may show the human form cut and bleeding.[7] As well, damage to the physical body, such as scars, may come to appear in the spiritual dimension in subsequent weapon transformations, such as the scar on Soul's chest appearing in the spiritual dimension after Crona's attack.[8]

Soul Eater Chapter 53 - Kid reattaches arm and Patty returns

Reattaching a limb can return two weapons to same spiritual dimension

There are various ways that an outsider may visit the spiritual dimensions of others. Meister and Weapons utilizing Soul Resonance are able to easily move into the spiritual dimensions of their respective partner, both being in tuned to each other's thoughts. The outsider also abides by the person's spiritual dimension attributes such as Maka entering the soul of her partner, Soul Eater, and having a black dress.[5][9] Another method is to have the same Madness as the individual though the same rule still applies like that of soul resonance with the exception of hearing the other's thoughts.[10] Weapons also may occupy the same spiritual dimension, especially in cases in which the weapons are being wielded by the same meister, are of the same weapon type, or already have a close association such as through familial and genetic relationship, as in the case of Liz and Patty Thompson. Should a weapon be removed from the meister, such as by severing the limb holding that weapon, that weapon will cease to appear in this shared dimension. Upon reattaching the limb to return the body to its previous uninjured state, however, the weapon will reappear in that dimension.[11]

Soul ResonanceEdit

Main article: Soul Resonance

Soul Resonance - MakaSoul Split

Maka and Soul performing a Soul Resonance

Soul Resonance (魂の共鳴, Tamashii no Kyōmei; Literally meaning "Resonance of the Soul") is a special ability used by Meisters and Weapons, in which they synchronize their souls' wavelength. By doing so, they can release highly powerful techniques and, more often than not, change the tide of a battle.

Soul WavelengthEdit

Main article: Soul Wavelength

Soul Wavelength Cogs representation

A representation of the Wavelength via cogs in a machine.

The Soul Wavelength (魂の波長, Tamashī no hachō), also known simply as the Wavelength (波長, Hachō), is the "sound" (or "rhythm") of one's soul.[12] It is the part of the soul which is invisible to both the naked eye and that of Soul Perception visually, though it can be sensed.

Being the rhythm of the soul itself, the Soul Wavelength carries some of the characteristics of a character that helps a user of Soul Perception determines the type of characteristics of a individual. As such, a meister can determine a character's personality and race/species.[12] In addition, the wavelength of an individual is similar to that of their parents and as such, in the world of Soul Eater, may inherit some of their personality and traits.[13]

Disembodied Living SoulEdit

  • Medusa as she is purged from Rachel's body.
  • Tezca after his body cut by Justin Law.

A Disembodied Living Soul is a conjectural term for the soul of an individual who has managed to maintain their living state without the presence of a body. In Soul Eater, they are similar to that of a Ghost or an Evil Spirit but aren't known to be deceased.[14][15] Disembodied living souls are rare and only certain individuals with special circumstances have been shown, such as Tezca Tlipoca and Medusa Gorgon in the anime.

Souls of this nature seem to require a sort of host to manifest and to maintain a physical-like form. This can be done by the transfering their souls into a mirror and like that of a Death Room Mirror.[14] In the anime, the souls purged from that of the Demon-Hunt (Genie Hunter) cannot maintain a form for long after being purged.[15]

Known Soul TypesEdit

Species TypeEdit

Each species has its own unique appearances of a soul as well as abilities and characteristics. While all souls in the manga are distinguished by the above features of a soul itself, only the anime features a unique coloration of the soul.


  • Souls in the world of Soul Eater can be seen and even studied presumbably by medical equipment and are visible in x-ray screenings.[16]


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