Soul Wavelength Cogs representation

A representation of the Wavelength via cogs in a machine.

The Soul Wavelength (魂の波長, Tamashī no hachō), also known simply as Wavelength (波長, Hachō), is the "sound" (or "rhythm") of one's soul.[1] It is the part of the soul which is invisible to both the naked eye and that of Soul Perception visually, though it can be sensed. In representation in the series, it is often likes that of a cogs in a machine due to the importance of all meisters and weapons who are paired having compatible soul wavelengths[2]. Certain users can also use their wavelengths offensively, such as that of the utilisers of Soul Menace.[1]


Being the rhythm of the soul itself, the Soul Wavelength carries some of the characteristics of a character that helps a user of Soul Perception determines the type of characteristics of a individual. As such, a meister can determine a character's personality and race/species.[1] In addition, the wavelength of an individual is similar to that of their parents and as such, may inherit some of their personality and traits.[3]

Meister/Weapon ImportanceEdit

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The Soul Wavelength is also important, being the very mechanic that enables a weapon to pair up with a meister. A meister and weapon are comparably worked like a electric guitar and an AMP: the sound (Soul Wavelength) that comes from an electric guitar (Meister) is rather faint. However, when connected to an AMP (Weapon), the Soul Wavelength is amplified, giving it lots of power. In short, the combination of two Soul Wavelength combine and amplifies the meister's wavelength and, in turn, gives them power and gives them the ability to achieve a Soul Resonance.[4]


  • A rejection between a meister and weapon.
  • Maka's hands burning from a rejection.

However, there's a chance in which two people may be incompatible with one another, making them unable to hold another Demon Weapon.[5] The effects of what is known as a rejection made be vary such as a weapon from being too heavy to be picked up or the scolding of the hands. However, a meister attempting to utilize a Demon Weapon without a matching wavelength puts themselves in an enormous amount of strain both physically and mentally.[6] Demon Weapons whose wavelengths are incompatible risk having their meister attack them with their soul wavelength, which can cause internal damage to even them in weapon form and cause them to bleed.[5] Various factors can influence a rejection, such as two personalities clashing with hostility. Those with similar personalities, ironically, cannot create the most powerful of Soul Resonance and are less compatible.[7]


Certain Meisters and beings are able to use their wavelengths offensively, giving birth to techniques like that of Soul Menace.[1] It's also shown in the anime that Medusa could channel her own wavelength into Crona to, though its offensive ability is extremely dampened in comparison. In addition, those with certain wavelengths can even sway individuals to a certain type of Madness, cure ailments and calm the madness within a person, or create attacks susceptible to certain beings.


Meisters and weapons improve upon coordinating their Soul Wavelengths through Soul Resonance training, usually as associated with the Death Weapon Meister Academy. This training takes the form of classroom work and extracurricular lessons, including tests such as the Super Written Exam to review knowledge.[8] Meisters and weapons also can use certain practices and objects, whether mood-altering candles to enhance emotions for the sake of working through personality differences,[9] or dancing to better coordinate their resonance.[10]

Wavelength EntitiesEdit

Will of Nakatsukasa Full body

The Will of Nakatsukasa, a Wavelength Entity.

Wavelength Entities are beings in which originate from the Soul Wavelength of special clans and families such as that of the Nakatsukasa Clan. These entities are capable of allowing the full power of a clan's most powerful transformations like that of the Uncanny Sword and as such, can be infamous.[11]

These entities seemingly lie within a host who holds the power/transformation in question and inhabit within the soul. Direct communication with them requires a Soul Resonance.[11]

Types of WavelengthsEdit


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