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Chapter 62

Spartoi (スパルトイ, Sparutoi) is a group consisting of elite, Two-Star Meister and Demon Weapons formed after the fall of Arachnophobia. Their task is to help Death Weapon Meister Academy suppress the threat of the Witch Order as well as the Kishin.[1]

Purpose and FormationEdit

It is indirectly stated by Spirit, alongside being alluded to by the name itself, that "Spartoi" was formed to help suppress the witches and the Kishin.

The group was officially formed after Soul consumed Arachne's soul and became a Death Scythe. All members of "Spartoi" participated in the operation to seize Baba Yaga's Castle and stop Arachne, and were subsequently promoted to two-star meisters and weapons after the unit's formation.

All available members have undergone a special and targeted training, with the aid of the DWMA's three-star meisters and weapons, in preparation for the future operations the group is to undertake.


Members of Spartoi

Members of "Spartoi" with new clothing

Black Star, Maka and Kid Spartoi

"Spartoi" Uniforms

The clothing of each member of "Spartoi" follows a single, uniformed aesthetic: White and blue. The style of clothing for Spartoi is very similar to a classic uniform—a white top, blue pants, and white shoes.

Another interesting fact to note is that most members of "Spartoi" have a matching outfit with their respective weapon/meister. Kim and Jacqueline have apparently identical trench coats and uniform; Black☆Star and Tsubaki have sleeveless tops alongside a scarf; Patty and Liz have matching jackets; Ox Ford and Harvar have matching uniforms, which includes a dress shirt, tie, and a blazer; Maka and Soul have matching jackets. Kid has a white coat over a white sports jacket, like that of Liz and Patty's with blue pants and white shoes.

Many of these uniforms include the signature badge of the "Spartoi"; which simply consists of Shinigami-sama's mask above the word Spartoi, which is spelled in block capitals, placed upon a dark background. Stitches present on a few of the members' clothing suggests that Stein had designed them. The ends of the ties worn by the members, as well as the cuffs of most of the members' shirt and jackets, are decorated by a classic Greek fret pattern, which is a reference to the team's name that is derived from Greek mythology.


Witch's ResearchEdit

Team 1Edit

  • Leader: Yumi Azusa
  • Team: Kilik, Fire, Thunder, Liz, Patty, Kim, Jacqueline
  • Location: Central Africa
  • Aim: To locate and transcribe important documents pertaining to Medusa's current movements and research activities. To be conducted through the use of Fire and Thunder's Earth Shaman abilities to firstly locate the concealed base, before manipulating Yumi's Senringan to document any information discovered and subsequently transfer this to Kim for translation.
  • Outcome: Mission conducted as planned, despite periods of interference due to the intervention of crazed locals and The Black Clown, resulting in the successful procuring of information pretaining to Medusa's various experimentations into manipulating madness through magical means.

Team 2Edit

  • Team: Black☆Star, Tsubaki
  • Location: Unknown
  • Aim: By running parallel to the operation conducted by Team 1, identify the current location of Medusa and/or other persons affiliated with her. Due to a witch's capability to use Soul Protect, this mission is unsuitable for sensory types using Soul Perception, resulting in the need for Black☆Star's advanced five senses in order to perform the search.
  • Outcome: The mission is ultimately successful; after a short confrontation with Crona, it leads to the capture of one of Medusa's known operatives, Eruka Frog, who was delivered directly into the hands (or more accurately, face) of Shinigami-sama himself.


Team 1Edit

  • Team: Maka, Soul, Black☆Star, Tsubaki, Liz, Patty, Kilik, Fire, Thunder, Blair
  • Location: Interior Dimension of the Book of Eibon
  • Aim: To locate and retrieve Death the Kid from his perilous imprisonment deep within the confines of the Book of Eibon, to be conducted after a magical transference initiated by the captive Eruka Frog allows access the to the interior dimension of the book. This mission is unsuitable for adults, as they are more susceptible to succumbing to their own mortal desires, resulting in making progression through the entirity of the book a highly dangerous, if not fatal endeavor.
  • Outcome: The mission was successful; they manage to retrieve Death the Kid. But the adults were severely wounded after discovering the location of Noah's Hideout. After that, Spartoi manages to defeat Noah and, after rescuing Kid, the original book of Eibon was destroyed.


  • The original name for the group, Shibu-Brats Unit, is actually a reference to a Japanese boy band. The Japanese pronunciation of the Shibu-Brats Unit, Shibu Gaki Tai, is the same as the boy band's name, Shibu Gaki Tai (シブがき隊 literally meaning Tough Kids Squad but is also a homonym for Astringent Persimmon Squad).

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