Spartoi (スパルトイ, Sparutoi) is an elite, youth unit consisting of two star meister and weapons created to put down the of the Kishin and his agents as well as the Witch Order.[2]


Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle arc

Grigori arc

Witch's Research arc

Salvage arc

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War on the Moon arc

War on the Moon II arc

Dark Side of the Moon arc


Spartoi icon

Spartoi's logo.

Consisting of the top contending students of (formerly) one-star ranking, it's team members were promoted and granted special training by other three-star meisters and weapons in preparation for more difficult operations as they work to surpress the threat of the Kishin, his agents, and malicious witches of the witch order. The clothing of each member of "Spartoi" follows a single, uniformed aesthetic: white and blue. The style of clothing for Spartoi is very similar to a classic uniform—a white top, blue pants, and white shoes. Additionally, each meister and weapon partner paired matched one another.[2]

List of members

Name(s) Classification Status
Maka AlbarnMeisterResign
Soul "Eater" EvansWeaponResign
Patty ThompsonWeaponResign
Liz ThompsonWeaponResign
Tsubaki NakatsukasaWeaponResign
Death the KidMeisterResign
Kilik RungMeisterActive
Ox FordMeisterActive
Harvar D. ÉclairWeaponActive
Kim DiehlMeisterActive
Jacqueline O'Lantern DupreWeaponActive



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