Spatial Magic: Independent Cube (空間魔法・無干渉領域(インディペンデント・キューブ), Indipendento Kyūbu) is a high level spatial magic which involves using space to trap individuals.[1]


This spell allows the user to cause a given area to be cut off in space from the rest of the world. Known to be a high level spell, it has been speculated that it can only be held for an hour, at best;[2] however with an actual practitioner, it lasts less then 40 minutes.[3]

This spell requires the user to stand with their arms spread apart and the usage of Calculation Spells to properly position the "lockbox" made up from space. Once a barrier of space is formed, a "key" is materialized and inserted into the "key hole". The user then turns the "key", locking individuals out. The time it takes to cast the spell is lengthy.[1]



  • Although the katakana is "Independent Cube" in English, the kanji given mean "Area of Non-Interference".[4]
  • Due to the fact that Spatial Magic is disrupted by Madness,[5] it is possible that, due to Free attempting to imprison Death (who is the Great Old One presiding over the Madness of Order[6]), the duration of the spell is shortened.


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