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The ghost girl is an unfortunate child who met her end at the hands of the Flying Dutchman and after that became a ghost trapped on board the Ghost Ship Nidhogg.[1]


The ghost girl likely lived in the village on the Baltic Sea which disappearance clued in the DWMA, but she could be an older victim of the Flying Dutchman. As a ghost, the girl's main regret seems to be not reaching adulthood and becoming an attractive woman. She does, however, not let her fate dictate her feelings about the living and does her best to help those who still have a fighting chance. At the same time, she appears to have already come to terms with her own future as Kishin breakfast.[1]


The ghost girl is a pre-teen individual with medium-length blonde hair combed backwards into a ponytail, which is held together with a red ribbon, and brown eyes. Her final outfit comprises a pink dress, white socks, and red shoes.



The ghost girl has the usual ghost abilities of floating, turning invisible, and being intangible.[1]


Black Dragon arcEdit

The ghost girl was trapped inside the Ghost Ship Nidhogg for an unknown amount of time when Death the Kid, Elizabeth Thompson, and Patricia Thompson boarded the vessel. She approaches Liz after the Flying Dutchman forcefully separates her from her team by means of a trapdoor. Intending to help Liz reunite with her Kid and Patty, the ghost girl speaks softly even when Liz is thoroughly freaking out and accusing her of evil designs. Eventually, the ghost girl's patience limit is reached and she starts shouting back. This approach actually gets Liz to follow her, if slowly. The ghost girl manages to guide her to the deck, which is empty when they arrive. Liz flips again, thinking she's been deceived, but as per the ghost girl's plan, Death and Patty arrive moments later. The ghost girl then leaves Liz as the Flying Dutchman arrives to. When Crona and Ragnarok board the ship and consume its souls, the ghost girl appears one last time to say goodbye to Liz and call her a coward.[1]


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