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English name::Squid(?)
Kanji name::イカ(?)
Romaji name::Ika(?)

Gender Unknown
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Classification Monster
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Squid(?) (イカ(?), Ika(?)) is a creature living in the Amazon Rainforest. It used to be a normal animal living in the forest, until it was polluted by the magic leaking out of Baba Yaga's castle whilst it was constructing Demon Tools.


It is almost impossible to determine what kind of creature this squid(?) was before its mutation due to magic. However, it vaguely resembles a squid, making it probably a creature of the cephalopod family. Its appearance is of a huge and monstrous creature. It has a hammer-shaped head, with a set of short tentacles drooping out near its 'mouth.' It has two bulging eyes with multiple rings on them. Its right eye is completely round, but on its left eye, the pupil seems to bulge outwards a little. Its body is comprised up of a multitude of muscular long tentacles which it can use to attack. Strange markings can be seen around its eyes and tentacles. Its soul, along with its size, is supposed to be bigger than that of a human soul.


Although it used to be a rather docile harmless creature, its mutation had caused the squid(?) to become very hostile as well as carnivorous. It lives in a lake, and emerges from its depths when it senses anything that is near, attempting to snag its next prey.


Magical Coating: Due to its mutation through the pollution of magic in the area, the squid(?)'s entire body is coated with magic, giving it a degree of protection against even rather powerful attacks, such as Ox's Lightning King Quake. Medusa has demonstrated that it is possible to peel the coating off, though. It seems that magic attacks still prove effective against the squid(?)

Tentacles: The squid(?)'s main attack is in using its tentacles to snatch up its prey and drag it towards it. They can stretch for quite a distance, making it rather dangerous, even if a person is a reasonable distance away from the lake it lives in.

Part in the StoryEdit

Yes, Harvar. Let us turn this thing into fried squid with our lightning.

Ox Ford, Chapter 46

Whilst trekking through the Amazon Rainforest in order to infiltrate Baba Yaga's Castle, Maka, Soul, Death the Kid, Liz, Patty, Kirikou, Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder, Ox Ford, Harvar D. Éclair and Medusa reach a lake that is polluted heavily by magic due to the actions of Arachnophobia. As Fire and Thunder lament as their Earth Shaman abilities can cause them to hear the cries of nature, the squid(?) appears and attacks. Everyone scatters, but the squid(?) almost catches Maka, but Medusa saves her with her Vector Arrow. After Kid's guns and Ox's Lightning King Quake have no effect on the squid(?), Medusa uses Analysis Disassemble to peel apart the magical coating on the squid which is protecting its body. As everyone covers her and Kilik, who as Fire and Thunder equipped with Vector Boost, Kilik delivers a Triple F into the squid(?)'s vulnerable spot and defeat it. Its soul is later held onto by Kid, since it is not an Evil human's soul.