The Star Clan (星の一族, Hoshi no Ichizoku) was an infamous clan of assassins who would do anything for money.[1] They're the off-shoot of the Hoshi family.[2]


Episode 10 - Star Clan killing people

Star Clan members destroying a village.

The Star Clan originally formed from being a branch of Akane's Family. Thirteen years ago, they gained their infamy for their ruthlessness and under taking any assassination mission for money. They became renown for their attacks and killings in various parts of Japan such as Needle Village. Having violated the rules established by the DWMA in the process, the organization eliminated the majority of the clan, save for the newly born Black☆Star.[3][4][5]


Naming TraditionEdit

As witnessed with both "Black☆Star" and "White☆Star", members within the Star Clan seem to follow some sort of unique naming format in which they give themselves a name of a color, followed by the stylization of a star (☆) in the middle, followed by the word "Star" like that of a surname.

Glare TraitEdit


Black☆Star's Star eyes.

The Star Clan is one of the several families that sport a special glare (光, hikari) in which their pupils are in the shape of stars. As observed by both Black☆Star and White☆Star, both eyes contain stars and are inside the pupil itself.[6] The glare's manifestation is also controlled instead of being permanent like that of either Akane's Family or Ao Hoshino.[citation needed]

List of membersEdit

Name Status
White☆Star Deceased
Black☆Star Active
Black☆Star's Mother Deceased


  • Due to the addition of the concept of the Kishin Egg, the Star Clan in the Soul Eater anime also hunted for human souls.[7] In the manga, they only killed for money.
  • Along with special star glare, the Star Clan also sport a unique star tattoo on their body, which seems to be a trait they're either somehow born with and/or a tattoo permanently done onto the skin shortly after birth.[3]
  • Atsushi Ōkubo later created the character Rekka Hoshimiya, for his subsequent manga series Fire Brigade of Flames. Like members of the Akane's Family and the Star Clan, Rekka has a surname, Hoshimiya (星宮; "star shine"), that alludes to stars, and has star shapes in his eyes. Also like Black☆Star and Akane Hoshi, Rekka prefers hand-to-hand combat and, initially, has an outgoing personality.


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