Stein's Hallucination is an anime-only madness-induce interpretation of Death City as seen by Franken Stein when under the the effects of Asura's Madness of Fear, (transmitted by Arachnophobia's Madness Relay base devices). While trying to navigate through this hallucination, Stein finds himself brought to Medusa's Lair.[1]


While experiencing this hallucination, Stein thinks he is inside Death City, only its typical symbols and designs, such as Death's mask as decorated on buildings and sewer covers, are replaced with Asura's three eyes, drawn in red.[1]

The city is covered in fog, representative of the Madness that clouds Stein's mind. There is no sunlight; the only illumination comes from street-lanterns and the Moon, which now has a reddish hue and a narrowed, more malicious eye.[1]

This hallucination of Death City also includes a version of Patchwork Lab.[1]

While physically occupying Medusa's Lair, Stein also hallucinates a Radio Room, its radio's speaker making unusual, unending noises. The Radio Room is finally dispersed when Marie Mjolnir uses her Healing Wavelength to help Stein abate the Madness.[2]


In this hallucination, Stein imagines the presence of Spirit Albarn, Marie Mjolnir, Rachel Boyd (appearing as herself and as under Medusa Gorgon's possession), and a child iteration of himself.[1]

  • Spirit initially appears as himself, until he starts to growl, revealing sharp teeth, long ears, a collar and chain, and other canine features, revealing himself to be this hallucination's literal watchdog, guarding the entrance of the Death Weapon Meister Academy to prevent anyone with the taint of madness from passing through that exit. When Stein eludes the sleeping watchdog, Spirit awakens and is still capable of speech, urging Stein not to pass through the gate. Behind the gate is Patchwork Lab, where Spirit reappears as a mad doctor, who tries to vivisect Stein.[1]
  • Marie appears atop Patchwork Lab, removing her boots and letting them drop from the roof to the lab's entrance. Stein rushes to the roof to try to pull her back from the edge. But Marie only tells Stein that he will find a world better suited for him and jumps, her body hitting the ground and evidently killing her. However, when Medusa, possessing Rachel, approaches the corpse, it is revealed to be a Henohenomoheji doll.[1]
  • Rachel, appearing in her original form, speaks to Stein in both in her original voice and in the voice of Medusa. She offers to show Stein where he can find happiness, yet she later assumes Medusa's voice to claim he wanted Marie dead. She also seems to appear in multiple places at once, even assuming the form of a snake. She finally approaches with an apple, offering its bite to help Stein feel better. Stein's child form reveals the apple was actually a soul, inciting Stein to knock Rachel's hand away and to refuse the offer.[1]
  • The younger Stein seems to be the only pure imagination in Stein's Hallucination world. He saves Stein from being taking Rachel's hand (which turned into a snake) and stopped him from eating the Fruit of Life. Each time Stein meets his younger self, the child tells Stein to think about where he is supposed to be. After their second accouter, the younger Stein self asks whether Stein was satisfied with life up to now. Stein admits he was, even if that meant having to live within rules of morality. Stein used to not feel guilt; now, he cannot understand why he feels guilt. His younger self explains that Stein has found something more important than satisfying his own desires. Once the younger version of Stein disappears, in his place is a door. When Stein opens it, the door led him to Medusa's Lair and to the witch.[1]

All of these residents--Spirit in his canine form, the headless Marie holding her Henohenomoheji head in her hands, Medusa in Rachel's body, and child Stein--approach the adult Stein one last time before he exits the hallucination and appears in front of the actual Medusa, in the forest outside her lair.[1]


  • Medusa's offering of the apple to Stein, and her role as a snake witch, alludes to Edenic imagery: in the Garden of Eden, Satan, in the form of a snake, coaxed Adam and Even to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. In popular culture, the fruit of that Tree is often represented as an apple. This Edenic imagery appears as well in the manga: as the Table of Contents desired to use the Greed iteration of the Icon to acquire all knowledge in the world, the Tree of Knowledge appears, at the same time that Gopher, thinking of this Icon, sits under an apple tree.
  • Medusa's offer of the apple may also allude to the fairy tale Snow White. In both that fairy tale and in Stein's hallucination, a witch offers an apple to trick someone.


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