A Strong Soul (強靭な魂, Kyōjin'na Tamashī) is an incredibly rare soul-type that signifies great power.


Among Humans, possessors of Strong Souls are capable fighters more than the average individual. Unlike normal Human souls, a single Strong Soul is worth about 99 Evil Human souls.[1]

In the anime, Strong Souls can even be possessed by Witches. Witches with a Strong Soul serve as a signal of a Witch's immense power but does not derive any special benefits like that of a Human's Strong Soul.[2]


  • The concept of Strong Souls differs in the anime: Although Mifune still possess such as soul in the anime[3], Medusa is the first character to be introduced with a Strong Soul. Furthermore, the anime lacks the Strong Soul's attribute of being worth the 99 Kishin Eggs (anime's equivalent of Evil Human souls)


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