— Succubus as she seduces Maka as a male.

Succubus (サキュバス, Sakyubasu) is a Demon collected by Noah and came to reside within the Lust chapter within the Book of Eibon.[1]


In a further attempt to attract men in addition to her rampantly seductive appearance, the Succubus conducts her movements in the most perverted way to expertly accentuate the most bewitching and attractive aspects of her female form.[1] She is extremely erotic and flirtatious, but in fact, it is shown that she too has a strong lust for good-looking members of the opposite sex, which can be used as her weakness.


Befitting her need to entice men in order to fulfill her respective desires and vice, this particular demon has assumed an alluring form that she believes best caters to a perverted man's wants: A young and voluptuous female with an ample bust. Her softened facial features are contrasted by the stark addition of a vertical line descending from both of her eyes (Which are shown with heart shaped pupils); these lines are connected by a horizontal line that runs over the bridge of her nose, together creating an "H"-shaped marking.[1]

The rest of her face is concealed beneath a layered and spiky hood, featuring two prominent curved horns (similar to a ram's) protruding from the sides. Further placing emphasis on her seductive qualities, the Succubus wears the bare minimum of clothing; consisting simply of skintight gloves and stockings decorated with "H"-shaped accents at their openings and a revealing apron that exposes the majority of her back, except for where a few small strands keep it attached to her body. This wardrobe choice's open back also prominently displays a...certain aspect of her appearance. A small, slightly coiled devil-like tail extends from just below the small of her back.[1]


Life Energy Siphoning: According to the Table of Contents, Succubus has the ability to suck the life energy from men that she seduces.[1]

Seduction: Befitting her nature, Succubus is a known seductress and uses their sexual look to seduce men.[1]


At some point, the Icon known as Noah found Succubus and would later find her of some sort of value, resulting in him capturing her and placed her within the Lust chapter in the Book of Eibon.[1]


Salvage arcEdit

Chapter 72 - Succubus entices male Maka

Succubus begins seducing Maka.

When Spartoi enters the Lust chapter within the Book of Eibon from the guidance of the Table of Contents, Succubus emerges from one of the surrounding columns of fabric that inhabit the chapter itself. She is introduced to Spartoi by the Table of Contents as a Demon captured by Noah and informs them that she seduces men to suck their life energy from them. Succubus herself makes passes to the various member of Spartoi who were female and turned male, including arousing Maka Albarn much to Soul Eater's annoyance.[2]

Pumpkin Cannon (Hunky Version) blowing away Succubus

Succubus blasted away by Blair's Pumpkin Cannon (Hunky Version).

Succubus continues to arouse Maka within her male form, with the rest of the Spartoi who were once males now females being utterly surprised at how Succubus managed to rile them up despite their personalities as females. Eventually, Succubus even manages to entice both Liz and Patty (whom are also male). When Kilik notices Blair isn't seduced due to being a seducer themselves, Blair realizes that she also must be an attractive "Demon King of Sexy" and transforms into her human form, revealing herself as an attractive male. Succubus takes notice and is instantly attracted and seduced. She is then blasted away by Blair's Pumpkin Cannon (Hunky Version).[3]


  • Curiously, the Succubus seems to be unaffected by the Lust Chapter's signature ability, which turns anyone residing there into the opposite sex. It could be explained by the chapter's Magic not affecting demons, or alternatively by the Succubus being originally male.
  • The character of the Succubus is in fact derived from the demons of the same name that often appear within actual medieval folklores, where these succubi conduct themselves in a similar manner to that envisioned by Ōkubo.
  • The numerous "H"s on the Succubus's person are most likely a reference to the Japanese word ecchi, denoting sexually explicit material or behavior; "ecchi" is a spelling-out of the Japanese pronunciation of the letter H, and could have originated as a polite codeword for hentai in the 1960's.
  • There is a small clothing fetish niche called hadaka apron, notably popular in Japan. Consisting of an individual—Usually a woman—wearing only an apron over their nude body or with minimal clothing, it is extremely popular on Japanese CG artwork websites and is accepted as the sign for newlyweds.


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