The Sun (太陽, Taiyou) is a star located somewhere around the Earth. Like the Moon, it most likely exists within the atmosphere of Earth.


The Sun usually appears in the sky in the period during the daytime, being repsonsible for the solar rays and light around the Earth. Uniquely, the clouds in the sky are actually shown sometimes behind the Sun.[1]


A large orange spiky ball, the Sun almost always has an expression of determination or anger on its face. It has two large eyes, a long conical nose and a wide mouth set with large square white teeth, and occasionally breathes fire. In hotter regions of the world, such as Africa or the Sahara Desert, the Sun's spikes grow longer, its expression appears fiercer and it blazes up as if it is on fire.


  • Despite not being a character, Atsushi Ōkubo gives the Sun dialogue and a role in symbolism. In contrast to the dark and sadistic Moon, the Sun is lively and full of vigour. Whilst the Moon represents the dark antagonists' villainous deeds and schemes, the Sun seems to represent the burning passion and determination of the protagonists. It is frequently present when the protagonists are winning, fighting a battle, or about to embark on a great mission. Its occasional dialogue seems to cheer or goad the protagonists onwards.
  • In the anime, the Sun is usually shown to be laughing constantly.
  • Strangely enough, the Sun also shows emotions and various changes in its expression: it can grow tired and sleepy or sweat when shown adjacent in locations such as the desert.


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