"Puh-lease! Everyone says that now! So If you're a hot, young witch, you say, like "witchin cool" instead of like..."wicked cool" or somethin' lame like that!"

— Tabatha explaining the use of "witchin" to Spirit.[1]

Tabatha Butterfly (タバサ·バタフライ, Tabasa Batafurai),[2] also known as Risa (リサ), is one of the four employees at Chupa♡Cabra's[3] who is secretly a Witch and formerly a spy for Arachnophobia.[4] However, they would later be promised to being able to work back at the cabaret club after assisting the DWMA in recovering Death the Kid.[5][6] Her real name is later revealed to be Tabatha Butterfly.


Tabatha seems to be a fun-loving individual like Taruho, being interested in working at Chupa♡Cabra's to the point she wasn't even afraid to do business in the Death Weapon Meister Academy's campus to kids.[7] In addition, despite being a Witch and a spy, even Spirit Albarn noted that Tabatha herself isn't actually a bad person.[4] She is, in comparison, a more serious individual than Taruho, as seen when she didn't find Taruho's joke about the witch portal being a "butt-hole to another world" funny.[8]

Despite being chosen by Mosquito to gather information for Arachnophobia, the decision seems to have been concluded over her physical proportions rather than her actual abilities or intelligence; she is assigned to entice DWMA employees who visit Chupa♡Cabra's, such as Spirit Albarn, to reveal secret information about Death's operations. Due to her naivety and lack of focus, the information she acquires is questionable, especially because the intelligence is obtained from a drunk, self-embellishing Spirit.[4]


At work, Tabatha, under the name of Risa, is seen wearing a yellow dress, wearing pearls, and a chain. She appears to be a well endowed young woman with blue eyes and brown hair. She also has part of her hair tied into a small ponytail.

In later appearances, especially after she is revealed to be a witch, Tabatha wears a traditional Kimono with floral patterns. However, her Kimono still shows a bit of her leg. Her hair also changes, resembling a geisha. She also has a striped straw in her mouth, reminiscent of the proboscis of a butterfly.




Butterfly Magic: Although a confirmed Witch, few of Tabatha's magical abilities has been seen. During her on-catering service with some of DWMA's top ranking members, the most shown of Tabatha's magic was manifesting butterflies from thin air to entertain her customers.[9]


Business Management: Tabatha is skilled in running and working Chupa♡Cabra's, going so far as to advise Blair on not depressing the customers and being careful regarding what to say.[10]

Espionage: Formerly a spy for Arachnophobia, Tabatha has managed to allude the DWMA in her true allegiance until an anonymous tip which came from Medusa Gorgon herself.[4]


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Prologues arcEdit

Soul Eater Episode 1 HD - Spirit with Risa and Arisa

Risa and Arisa entertain Spirit.

In an attempt to allay his grief after facing rejection from his own daughter, Spirit decides to visit the city's resident cabaret club Chupa♡Cabra's, a place he frequents all too often. It's there, attended to by both Risa and Arisa, where he finally manages to console himself, that is until Arisa mistakingly brings up the topic of Maka even after Risa advises against doing so. Through Spirit's subsequent fit of tears and sorrowful disposition, Risa explains the family's current situation, which sees Spirit facing not only divorce negotiations with his wife, but a daughter who has now set out purposefully to create a powerful scythe just to spite him. With this said, Spirit charges from the club spouting his love for Maka, to which the two girls in cheerful unity simply ask him to "come again ♡"[11]

Remedial Lessons ArcEdit

When Blair, who had just recently started working at Chupa♡Cabra's, sends Spirit into another bout of depression over his family issues, Risa quickly intervenes by warning Blair that her actions are making a customer feel bad.[12] Despite her swift mediation, Spirit continues his woeful rant while placing the blame squarely with Dr. Franken Stein and the five years of experiments he conducted using Spirit as an unknowing test subject. This clearly shocks Risa, especially considering the fact that Spirit didn't notice for five years.[13]

Deal arcEdit

Risa and Arisa are eventually revealed to be two witches in Arachne's organization, Arachnophobia. They have been leaking information to Arachnophobia through Spirit, who unknowingly helps Arachne to spy on the DWMA. They are also shown to be appalled by him and mock him when he's away. Once they are exposed as witches thanks to a list provided by Medusa, however, the two are taken into custody by Spirit and Sid.

Business Lunch arcEdit

The pair later returned to the club, exonerated from their crimes and have been seen doing a promotion with Blair, where they are observed propositioning themselves to various the DWMA students.

Salvage arcEdit

They, along with the captured Eruka Frog, are forced to perform Arithmetic Magic to transport the Spartoi into the Book of Eibon to rescue Kid.

Witch Trial ArcEdit

Tabatha and Tahuro went with Kid, Kim, Eruka and Free to Witch City for negotiation for the DWMA, only to be caught and put on trial.


  • In the Anime, Tabatha and Taruho are not revealed to be witches.


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