The Table of Contents (目次, Mokuji) is the physical embodiment of the table of contents and intelligence belonging to the Book of Eibon.[2] It is responsible for utilizing the Icons to carry out its will, making it the mastermind behind Noah's Gang.[1]

The Table of Contents is one of the antagonists in Soul Eater.


Despite being of artificial fabrication, The Table of Contents still possesses a distinct and slightly eccentric personality, this often surfaces in his tendency to reply with the nonsense word "takonimo" (see trivia section for further information), when answering in the affirmative. Although it acts more like a passive observer to people entering the Book of Eibon, it seems to show some interest in people that like books, as shown when it inquisitively asks Maka what type of book she likes. It dutifully fulfills its role as an index of the Book of Eibon, guiding the team of Spartoi through it. The Table of Contents has shown that it cannot stand Excalibur, like everyone else.

Following Spartoi's departure from the Book, The Table of Contents reveals its true intentions; it wants to spread the limitless knowledge of Eibon to the world, using the various Noahs as tools to accomplish that goal. The Table of Contents was responsible for creating the first Noah encountered, and also the second. It seems The Table of Contents holds a consequential attitude to its actions, certain that if it can spread the knowledge, the means used will be fully justified. Evidence of this is when having seen the destruction caused by the first Noah, it immediately proceeded to create another one, fully aware of what could happen if Noah returned.


  • Table of Content's new face.
  • Body and Face view of the Table of Contents.

The Table of Contents has a vaguely humanoid resemblance in regards to its general shape but it is here that such similarities end. Its mechanized face comprises of a single curved triangular plate, attached to a substantially large cog, with the more commonly observed facial features being replaced instead by emotionally devoid simplistic swirl patterns. The remainder of the Table of Content's body is concealed under a literal shroud, embellished with various words and a repeating pattern composed from squares and circles, except for the multiple small protrusions that act as its fingers.[2] The Table of Contents later grew a face to show disgust of Excalibur.[3]

Special Abilities

Chapter 72 - Table of Contents exerting control within the Book of Eibon

Table of Contents exerting control within the Book of Eibon.

Control over the Book of Eibon: As the embodiment of the Book of Eibon's table of contents, the aforementioned embodiment is capable of exerting control over the very world within the Demon Book as well as limited control over it in the outside world.[2]

  • Icon (偶像, Gūzō): The Table of Contents is able to call upon the usage of the Icons to act in the physical world. He exerts an amount of control by giving them directives that would support their personality similar to a "machine".[2]
  • "BREW" ("BREW"(ブリュー), Buryū): After "BREW" was added into the Book of Eibon, the Table of Contents was able to exert control over it into the real world and merge Noah (Wrath) with one of his ant monsters as he understood it's true purpose.[4]
  • Chapter Transportation: The Table of Contents is capable of moving from one chapter to another by either creating a portal or doing so via "flipping" the page within the Book of Eibon.[2]



At first, The Table of Contents appeared as a guide to the Spatori to help save Kid by guiding them to the chapters that each represent a different Sin. It was also aware of Noah's actions and his death. However this was also to lure them into Madness as well. The Table of Contents was also annoyed by Excalibur.


It was then revealed that The Table of Contents was Noah's creator/master and wanted to spread the madness of Eibon's knowledge and created a new Noah this time representing Wrath. It also had BREW thanks to the first Noah and his task was to obtain Greed because of its desire to teach the world of Eibon's knowledge.

There is someone to admire

While the new Noah and Gopher was heading to the moon, The Table of Contents gave a speech about how it wants to teach. As well with BREW under its control and states that it will collect the Kishin's madness and that Eibon's knowledge will expand.


Unknown Warlord 1

The strange creature

  • The Table of Contents bears some resemblance to a strange creature observed standing upon the shoulder of one of the The Eight Warlords, Eibon. It is currently unknown If a connection between the creature and Eibon exists and the Table of Content's connection to the creature in which is assumed to a Warlord.[5]
  • According to Excalibur, the Table of Contents' appearance was modeled based on his own appearance. However, the Table of Contents comments that perhaps the reason his "Form" looked the way it is was because Eibon wanted to take the upturned nose of Excalibur and "take it down a notch".[3]


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