Taruho Firefly (タルホ·ファイアフライ, Taruho Faiafurai),[3] known by the alias Arisa (アリサ, Arisa; FUNimation "Alisa"), is one of the prominent hostess and workers at the cabaret clud, Chupa♡Cabra's.[4] She is later revealed to be a Witch formerly employed by Arachnophobia to act as a spy towards Death Weapon Meister Academy.[1]


Despite being chosen by Mosquito to gather information for Arachnophobia, the decision seems to have been concluded over her physical proportions rather than her actual abilities or intelligence, as the usefulness of their information is predominantly questionable as it is suggested that it was obtained from a drunk and self-embellishing Spirit.

However, Taruho seems to be a fun-loving individual, wanting her customers to have a good time along with her. She also very naive, believing a drunken Spirit and taking it as potential intelligence for Arachnophobia. She also seems to be an individual who likes to keep up with the the trends within the young witches.


Arisa, while at work, wears a blue dress. She has hazel colored eyes. Her hair is rather short and slightly darker than her Tabasa's.

In her later appearances, she now instead wears a bright dress, which looks as if it had been made ​​out of flowers. On her shoulders are presumably wings and, at her head, both left and right glowing orbs are attached. Her clothes now resemble her theme more: Fireflies.



Tabatha Butterfly

They seem to be great friends, partnering and helping each other out. They're both also chosen as agents of Arachnophobia to spy on DWMA.


Spirit Albarn

Due to how often he frequents Chupa♡Cabra's, Spirit is well known to many of the women working at the club, especially Risa and Arisa who regularly attend to his entertainment. However, in doing so the pair have been leaking information to Arachnophobia thanks entirely to Spirit's drunken rambling, who has unknowingly been helping Arachne to spy on DWMA.



After Blair becomes an employee at Chupa♡Cabra, Taruho appears to befriend her.

Special Abilities

Transformation (変身, Henshin): Taruho is capable of undergoing a minor transformation in which makes her appear more akin to a firefly. This transformation seems to only apply to the hip portion of her body.[5]

  • Flight (フライト, Furaito): While in her firefly transformation, she can fly similar to that of her theme.[5]

Magic (魔法, Mahō): Taruho is capable of utilzing magical power per her being a Witch. She is skilled in an unnamed magic in which creates magical fireflies capable of lighting up an area. She seemingly uses this magic to enhance her on-catering sites services on behalf of Chupa♡Cabra's.[6]

  • Soul Protect (ソウルプロテクト, Souru Purotekuto): A high level spell in which disguses a Witch's soul as a Human's.[1]
  • Calculation Spells (演算魔法, Enzan Mahō): Although not capable of casting complex calculation spells, Taruho possess some skill in this type of magic.[7]

Espionage: Taruho is capable spy, proficient enough to at least work unnoticed by Death Weapon Meister Academy.[1]


Although a spy, due to her more scatter-brained personality, she is unable to recognize questionable claims such as when she once reported to Mosquito that a drunken Spirit claimed that he could tip the world's economy by literally snapping his fingers, truly believing it and reporting it as intelligence much to her superior's chargin.[1] She also admitted to being unable to create a link between the copy manuscript of the Book of Eibon with the real thing alone, claiming it was far too complex.[7]


Crystal Ball (Former): Taruho used a crystal ball to report directly to Mosquito during her time in Arachnophobia as a spy.[1]


Prologues arc

In an attempt to allay his grief after facing rejection from his own daughter, Spirit decides to visit the city's resident cabaret club Chupa♡Cabra's, a place he frequents all too often. It's there, attended to by both Risa and Arisa, where he finally manages to console himself, that is until Arisa mistakingly brings up the topic of Maka even after Risa advises against doing so. Through Spirit's subsequent fit of tears and sorrowful disposition, Risa explains the familys current situation, which sees Spirit facing not only divorce negotiations with his wife but a daughter who has now set out purposefully to create a powerful scythe just to spite him. With this said, Spirit charges from the club spouting his love for Maka, where the two girls in cheerful unity simply state to "come again ♡".[8][9]

Deal arc

Risa and Arisa are eventually revealed to be two witches in Arachne's organization, Arachnophobia. They have been leaking information to Arachnophobia through Death Scythe, who unknowingly helps Arachne to spy on DWMA. They are also shown to be appalled by Death Scythe and mock him when he's away. Once they are exposed as witches thanks to a list provided by Medusa, however, the two are taken into custody by Death Scythe and Sid.

The pair later returned to the club, exonerated from their crimes and have been seen doing a promotion with Blair, where they are observed propositioning themselves to various DWMA students.

Salvage arc

They, along with the captured Eruka Frog, are forced to perform Arithmetic Magic to transport the Spartoi into the Book of Eibon to rescue Kid.

Witches Trial arc

Risa and Arisa went with Kid, Kim, Eruka and Free to Witch City for negotiation for DWMA, only to be caught and put on trial.


  • Taruho's name is mixed form of ホタル(or 蛍), hotaru, which means "firefly" in Japanese.
  • In the Anime, Tabatha and Taruho aren't revealed to be Witches.


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