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The Manticore

English name::Manticore
Kanji name::マンティコア
Romaji name::Mantikoa

Gender Unknown
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Classification Monster
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The Manticore (マンティコア, Mantikoa) is a savage and feral creature that due to a series of circumstances that occurred prior to its first appearance came to reside permanently within the confines of the Book of Eibon, after Noah resolved to add it to his collection.


Distorted and misshapen, the random and diverse assortment of abnormal components that form the foundation of the Manticore's physical composition, result in the creation of a drooling monstrosity that can be likened to no other creature in existence. Its asymmetrical face features a solitary eye, encircled by two darkened and prominent concentric rings, and numerous pronounced teeth demonstrating a perpetually sinister sneer, as well as long tassels of material descending from the rear of its skull. The remainder of its body is an amalgamation of spindle-like limbs and large circular joints, with the word "man" emblazoned upon those of its hind quarters, connected together by a narrow segmented spine, which terminates in a distinctive scorpion-like tail and stinger. Its forearms, however, are far more robust and display flattened palms, each adorned with multiple sharp protruding spikes.[1]

Part in the StoryEdit


Manticore Defeated

The Manticore is defeated at the hands of Black☆Star and Death the Kid.

Decimating the entirety of the purportedly capable forces affiliated with the DWMA, comprised of various Death Scythes and senior Meisters, in mere moments and with relative ease, Noah ultimately resolves to eradicate these worthless articles that aren't fit to be included within his collection. Beckoning the presence of the Manticore in order to deal the fatal strike with a simple gesture, Noah inadvertently releases the members of Spartoi trapped within the confines of the books, after the group of youngsters managed to cling onto the monstrosity’s tail. Evidently provoked by present circumstances, the Manticore initiates a tremendous leap with vicious intent but confronting a determined and dangerous pairing of Black☆Star and Death the Kid, it is conclusively defeated with a single combination attack.[2]


  • The character of the Manticore is in fact derived from the creature of the same name that appears within actual Greek mythology, were it has the body of a red lion, a human head with three rows of sharp teeth (like a shark) and a trumpet-like voice. Other aspects of the creature vary from story to story but the tail is always that of either a dragon or a scorpion, and it may shoot poisonous spines to either paralyze or kill its victims.


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