Thousand-Mile Eyes (千里眼, Senrigan; FUNimation "Clairvoyance") is a special technique utilized exclusively by the Death Scythe, Azusa Yumi.[1]


Episode 28 - Azusa updates Map with Thousand Miles Eyes

Azusa using Thousand-Mile Eyes.

Either using themselves or with the use of Telesynchronization to facilitate a Meister as a synchronizing medium, a user can see a viewing radius of at least fifty meters. It also allows the user to also perform accurate calculations, analyze the area at high speeds, and allows for a Soul Perception-like abilitiy to accurately gauge the power of an individual via their soul and to distinguish types of being.[1]


  • "Senrigan" derives from a Chinese phrase in which means the ability to see things from far away.
  • Mira Naigus hinted that this ability was gained when she consumed a witch soul and is a Death Scythe ability.[1]


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