Tom (トム, Tomu) is a E.A.T Class student of Death Weapon Meister Academy.[1]


In his Death Festival duel against Ox Ford, Tom seemed friendly but competitive, complimenting Ox's battle but intending to bring the duel to a conclusion with himself as victor.[1]


Tom is of average height for a teenage boy, about as tall as his EAT classmate Ox Ford. Tom has short dark hair with bangs swept to the sides, his eyes tending to look serious. In his duel against Ox Ford at the Death Festival, Tom wore a buttoned shirt, his sleeves rolled up for combat, and dark pants. His shirt has lapels with skull logos, and his pants' belt has a similar skull buckle.[1]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Meister (職人, Shokunin): In his duel against Ox Ford at the Death Festival, Tom demonstrated proficiency with his unnamed weapon, a Foil, which was able to hold against a capable Spear Meister such as Ox Ford and his partner Harvar D. Éclair.[1]


Death Fest ArcEdit

Soul Eater NOT Chapter 38 - Traitors attack Tom

Traitors infect Tom

In one of the earliest rounds on the Halloween Death Festival, Tom and his unnamed weapon were announced as dueling Ox Ford and Harvar D. Éclair. While Tom and his weapon were holding their own against Ox and Harvar in a friendly match, it seemed Tom could win the duel. But before either party could conclude the match, Ox saw DWMA NOT students, possessed by Shaula Gorgon's venom, seize Tom and stab him in his neck with the venom-coated gloves on their fingers. While audience members thought that this duel had turned into a brawl, as part of the intense fighting at the Death Festival, Harvar realized something was wrong with these NOT students.[1]

While momentarily in pain on the ground, Tom quickly fell under Shaula's sway, attacking Ox. Ox took the fight away from the festival spectators, leaping atop a car that he then learned was transporting Anya Hepburn away from the danger in Death City and back home to Yngling Castle. While Anya wanted to help fight Tom, Ox ordered Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore to drive away. The fast driving of Anya's butler Alfred allowed Ox enough time to distract Tom and attack with Harvar's lightning attack.[1]


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