Traitors (道場破り(トレーター), Torētā) are humans whom were subjected to experimentation and/or injected with Shaula's poison and act as the witch's personal soldiers.[1]


According to Clay Sizemore, Traitors are normal human beings who've been brainwashed into the service of Shaula Gorgon. These humans have been infected presumably by her venom, which has elements of mind control, endowing those with no combat training and/or unremarkable physical ability with a huge spike in potential. In addition, they all experience insomnia and are unable to sleep. By preventing the subject from sleeping, the leader can remove the fear within an individual, creating a "soldier" who never rests or sleeps. This would, in turn, be an ideal fighting force.[2]

Special Abilities

  • High Physical Abilities (高い身体能力, Takai Karada Nōryoku): As mentioned earlier, being subjected to Shaula's poison, Traitors are endowed with greater physical ability and possess a huge spike in potential.[3]
  • Fearless: Due to the poison, Traitors experience insomnia, in which eventually causes them to lose their fears at the expense of being easily controlled by specific manipulation magic.[3]

Fighting Styles

  • Martial Arts (武道, Budō): Certain traitors may take up a number of martial arts. Due to the effects of Shaula's poison, it stands to reason that their skill and potential in such would be increased because of it.[3]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (体術(たいじゆつ), Taijutsu): Certain traitors are capable combatants in unarmed combat. In the case of demon weapons, their skill allows them to be able to fight against even E.A.T Class members for a bout.[4]


  • Finger Blade: Certain traitor carry a finger blade dipped in poison.[5]
  • Wrist Blade: Some traitors also carried bladed weaponry mounted on a wrist with an apparatus wrapped around their body.[6]

List of Traitors

Brainwashed via advanced/unknown mind control
Name Status
Meme Tatane Active
Traitor (servant) Unknown
Brainwashed via Shaula's Poison
Name Status
Eternal Feather Inactive
Kana Altair (anime only) Inactive
Misery (anime only) Inactive
Hao (anime only) Inactive
Raid (anime only) Inactive


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