This particular Traitor (トレーター, Torētā)[1] is an enigmatic, hooded man that acts as Shaula's personal servant.[2]


More competent than the first prototype of the Traitors, this servant is sinister and loyal to Shaula. He's portrayed to be ruthless enough to battle Anya Hepburn and possess a love to fight and is willing to challenge strong opponents in order to test his own abilities.[citation needed]


This individual is characterized solely by a sinister sneer and the peculiar presence of a "Scorpio" symbol (♏) emblazoned on his right eye. This emblem is repeated upon the upper left of his jacket, which due to its rolled-up sleeves reveals two scorpion stingers tattooed on his exposed right forearm. The remainder of his attire is comprised of a pair of adorned with a small chained ornament in the shape of a scorpion stinger, hanging from his waist.[3]


Special Abilities



Traitors arc

This Traitor makes his first appearance after observing Anya roaming the streets of Death City, before immediately attacking her once she had been identified as affiliated with the DWMA. Narrowly missing with his initial strikes, a brief confrontation ensues, resulting in Anya's poisoning after he prevents her from retreating by stepping on her foot. However, due to the combined interference of Tsugumi Harudori, Meme Tatane, Akane and Clay, he takes the decision to temporarily depart.[4]

Returning to Shaula's present location, he reports upon his previous activities.He comments to his mistress that Shibusen will soon find them and that they should go into hiding.

He is later seen escaping the prison where Prototype 1 was being held, by the rooftop, after killing him. He leaves a message on the wall written in Prototype 1's blood stating: "While you are sleeping we are still awake and keep moving." [5]


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