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Traitors Arc
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Chapter 8 (NOT!) - Chapter 19 (NOT!)


Episode 5 (NOT!) - Episode 8 (NOT!)

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The Traitors Arc is the third story arc of the series Soul Eater NOT! This arc not only provides more background information about Soul Eater characters such as Kim Diehl, Liz Thompson, and Patty Thompson, but also introduces Shaula Gorgon's plan to use her venom to brainwash NOT students against the DWMA.



Manga and Anime Differences

  • In the anime, when Tsugumi attempts to return to Deathbucks despite the bullying Thompsons, she passes the new meister-weapon partners Kim and Jacqueline, who are confused by Tsugumi's determination to return to the café. The duo then join Anya and Meme to meet with Tsugumi at Deathbucks, where Tsugumi teases Kim for spending more time with Jacqueline and Kim demands Tsugumi pay for her meal. In the manga, Tsugumi never runs into Kim and Jacqueline on her way to Deathbucks, and only Anya and Meme join Tsugumi at Deathbucks.
  • In the anime, when Tsugumi struggles to face the Thompsons during repeated visits to Deathbucks, a customer confronts Patty for her wrong order and rudeness, prompting him to throw water in her face. As Liz attempts to punch the customer, Tsugumi intervenes, with Liz inadvertently punching Tsugumi and causing her to bleed. Master threatens the customer to leave while he and the Thompsons tend to Tsugumi's injuries. While Anya is outraged by her weapon's injuries, Tsugumi laughs off the attack and redoubles her efforts to meet with the Thompsons. Upon her next visit to Deathbucks, she runs into Death the Kid, who adjusts her pigtails and her forehead bandage for symmetry. In the manga, the Thompsons' confrontation with the customer never occurs, Tsugumi is never struck and hence not bandaged, and Kid only adjusts Tsugumi's pigtails, not a forehead bandage.
  • In the manga, the Study Group story precedes the Labyrinth story. While both stories are adapted as part of Episode 7, they are ordered differently, "Labyrinth!" preceding "Study Group!"
  • In the manga, Meme's forgotten day takes place long before the trio plant pumpkins in the girls' dormitory backyard. In the anime, the events of her forgotten day occur between when the trio plant the pumpkins and when they harvest the pumpkins.
  • In the anime, Meme's forgotten day includes her accidentally stealing the boy's pet sloth, Marianne, whom Meme leaves with Eternal Feather, the sloth proceeding to torment the NOT student. In the manga, Marianne never appears, nor does Eternal Feather, during Meme's forgotten day.

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