Trap☆Star (罠☆星, Wana☆Hoshi) is a technique used by Black☆Star and Tsubaki in her Chain Scythe Weapon form.[1]


Episode 4 - Trap Star in effect

Black☆Star uses Trap☆Star on Sid.

The Chain Scythe's chain form coils around the user before extending outwards, forming the shape of a five-point star slightly above the ground so that anything that enters the area will by instantly sensed by the Meister and bound in the chains before they can escape.The ability to sense an opponent even extends to the area underground, by using the vibrations travelling to the chains to sense their opponent's Soul Wavelength. It also appears that the technique is indiscriminate once activated, capturing anyone who is present in the area other than the user, as seen when the technique is first used to capture Sid buried underground but also traps Maka and Soul in the process.[1]


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