Tsar Pushka (ツァーリ・プーシュカ) was the former Death Scythe in charge of Eastern Europe.[1]


Little has been seen of Tsar's personality, but from his fighting style multiple things can be ascertained. In contrast to his Meister's impulsive nature, Tsar tends to hold back from his opponents, preferring to think things through and attack from a distance. Unlike in a traditional Meister-Weapon relationship, Tsar seems to be in charge of Feodor despite being the Weapon. He is ultimately cautious and a shrewd judge of situations, displayed when he knows that Feodor would get himself and Tsar hurt if they charged on into the Mad Blood.[2]


Tsar Pushka appearance with mask

Tsar Pushka's appearance in battle.

Upon initial inspection Tsar seems to be a relatively rotund individual who is rather tall in stature; however, his exact physical proportions are difficult to define due to the heavy winter clothing he wears to combat the intense cold of the Russian climate. This attire consists of what appears to be a heavy-duty and knee-length duffle cut, which features a thick fur-lined hood, worn over a simple pair of pants and combat boots. As a direct consequence of wearing his hood drawn fully up with a tuque-like hat underneath, the majority of Tsar's face remains concealed but from what can be seen, he has a prominent nose which is accentuated further by a thick dark moustache.[3]

Tsar's jacket is embellished with various insignia of different origins, such as a dark circle that is divided into quarters, which appears upon his back beneath the word "пушка" (Pushka, meaning cannon). This article of clothing also features the emblem of DWMA's Russian branch upon its left chest, which is comprised from a hammer-like skull that is intersected by a simplified sickle, much like the symbol of the former Soviet Union.[1]


Special Weapon

Chapter 83 - Tsar transforms

Tsar assuming his fully transformed state.

Demon Cannon (魔砲弾, Mahōdan): Tsar has demonstrated the ability to transform his head into a large weighted sphere that has the word "Царь" ("Tsar") inscribed upon its front. Due to a substantial cable attached to the top of this ball, Tsar can violently launch it by simply tilting his head back, before thrusting it forward once again. This results in an extremely powerful collision when it connects, while still allowing the sphere to be retracted easily afterwards.[4]

In his fully transformed state, Tsar assumes the form of the same aforementioned weighted sphere but in this instance, it remains firmly attached to the lower portion of his partner's leg. Utilizing the substantial retractable cable, Tsar can propel either himself or his partner with tremendous force using little to no effort, as long as the static member of the pair acts as an appropriate anchor for the other.[5]

Spiritual Arts

Anti-Demon Wavelength (退魔の波長, Taima no Hachō): Much like Maka and her mother, Tsar possesses the powerful and distinctive Demon-Repelling Wavelength. This characteristic is signified by the emission of an intense white light upon activation and makes any subsequent technique used particularly effective in countering any individual harboring or reliant upon the quality of Madness, such as Witches and those afflicted by Black Blood. Even Immortals are not immune to injury in the face of this wavelength. However, by utilizing this quality in conjunction with his partner's respective fighting style, through Feodor saturating the entirety of his body with it, the two are capable of merging together their advantageous properties in order to achieve a "perfect completion" with one another, thus exponentially increasing the destructive potential of this wavelength.[6]


Standalone Techniques
  • On Your Mark...Ura!: A attack in which allows Tsar to shoot his cannon head at his target, inflicting crushing and powerful damage as well as transfer his Anti-Demon Wavelength enough to potentionally destroy all of Crona's Black Blood.[1]
Soul Resonance Technique with Feodor
  • Purification (浄化, Jōka): A attack that combines his Meister's amazing physical prowess with his Anti-Demon Wavelength to purify malicious forces such as the Black Blood, Immortals, Magic users, Demons, and Witches.[2]
  • Anti-Demon Wavelength: Full Force (退魔の波長・全開, Taima no Hachō: Zenkai): An attack that wraps his Meister's body around in the Anti-Demon Wavelength and shoot himself towards the target for a body blow, with capability of evaporating and destroying malicious forces such as the Black Blood.[2]


Trial Enrollment arc

When a series of catastrophic events concludes in the resurrection of Asura, Sid Barrett, acting in accordance with Death's wishes, attempts to contact the remaining Death Scythes of the DWMA in order to convince them to convene at Death City. However, as he is already on assignment, Tsar is unable to attend the meeting.[7]

Mad Blood arc

Tsar's Crushing Attack

Tsar's crushing attack.

Diligently patrolling the snow laden alleyways that line the darkened corners of Russia's capital, Tsar, accompanied by his Meister Feodor and with flashlight in hand, chances upon Crona who has been decimating his subordinates. Confirming Crona's identity as the desired aggressor, Tsar withstands a barrage of vicious needles as his partner charges forward to launch a series of elegant but forcefully delivered kicks, which knocks back Crona's small frame into the awaiting clutches of Tsar. Tilting his head backwards with a determined gaze, he violently thrusts it forwards, resulting in an enormous collision as his dense head attached by his extended neck, connects with Crona. After recoiling his transformed face, Tsar defiantly asserts that Crona should allow him to pay back the debt that they owe by taking Crona's life, just as the child before him slits their own wrist.[8]

Tsar and Feodor's Fate

Tsar and Feodor's fate is revealed, after their confrontation with Crona.

As Feodor resumes his unrelenting assault under orders from his partner, Tsar attempts to capitalize upon any resultant momentary openings from afar, eventually connecting with Crona in tremendous fashion. However, aware of how ineffectual the prior attacks where against the opposition's Black Blood, the pair combine their efforts as an enormous sharpened lance approaches their present position, which Feodor then purifies under the weight of a crushing kick. Avoiding the subsequent counter by propelling himself into the air, Feodor is abruptly forced back down to the ground below, where he makes the fateful decision to launch his own Anti-Demon Wavelength-saturated body directly towards the awaiting foe. Intending to obliterate the enemy entirely with his illuminated form, Feodor disregards Tsar's prudent advice and charges into the obscured depths of Crona's Mad Blood.[9]

With the confrontation concluded and the pair now located behind a heavy steel door, both Feodor and Tsar's fates are revealed within the confines of the isolated room, where the two are individually imprisoned in separate spheres of Black Blood. While Soul says, "[t]hose globs are the Death Scythe and his Meister," Maka utilizes her Soul Perception and confirms that the pair are still alive.[10]


  • His name comes from the Russian words Tsar, which denotes certain monarchs or supreme rulers of Eastern-Europe, and Pushka, meaning "gun/cannon". It is likely a reference to the Tsar Cannon (Tsar-pushka in Russian).
  • By the end of the manga, it is not absolutely clear that Tsar and Feodor are dead. When finding the Black Blood spheres containing the Death Scythe and his Meister, Maka refers to the spheres as containing "living souls." Whether their bodies remained along with their souls within the spheres is not yet clear. When defending his father's execution order of Crona, Kid says the Meister committed "what amounts to the murders of Death Scythe Tsar Pushka and his Meister Feodor." Kid's remark may refer to a question of whether Crona committed murder (e.g., was responsible for their deaths), or a question as to whether the two are dead or, as Maka suggests, living but in a different form as souls without bodies. Soul Eater himself claims the two "are" the globs, suggesting their bodies were transformed. Based on the absence of Tsar and Feodor during the battle on the Moon and the celebration for Kid's ascension as the new Lord Death, many readers assume Tsar and Feodor are indeed dead despite no absolute confirmation.
  • Tsar does not appear in the anime version of Soul Eater and is only indirectly mentioned in Episode 25. In the episode, when Death asks Sid about the four Death Scythes who have not shown up, Sid states that both Tsar and Jinn Galland are unable to come due to being too busy with work.


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