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Due to her gentle and caring nature, Tsubaki is well-liked by all of the characters at Shibusen, able to get along with others easily, especially her egotistical and hyper meister Black☆Star. Tsubaki often provides help to anyone in need, and she acts like an older sister, or even a mother figure to some of the younger characters. She is also rather close with her family, even her brother Masamune, who had turned into an evil human but who manages to regain his humanity in his last moments of life because of her influence.



"I want to move forward with Black Star. With him as my partner, I'll be able to be true to myself."

— Tsubaki Nakatsukasa (Soul Eater Chapter 8)
Black☆Star almost the exact opposite personality of Tsubaki: while she is quiet, humble, and considerate of others, he is loud, boastful and slightly inconsiderate of others. Tsubaki is sometimes embarrassed when Black☆Star does something inappropriate in front of people, and often apologizes on his behalf. Tsubaki shows signs in which she is disheartened by Black☆Star's antics. Nevertheless, Tsubaki manages to tolerate his behavior, quite an accomplishment based on his ego, and actually thinks Black☆Star's partnership is what allows her "to be true to" herself.[1]

Regardless of Black☆Star's demeanor, Tsubaki truly cares for him. She often acts like a teacher or an older sister towards Black☆Star, helping him with school work, telling him off when he does something wrong, and often acting like a proud parent (Kid even points this out once) towards him. She worries for his condition when he begins overusing the Uncanny Sword, damaging his body, leading him to try and walk the 'Path of the Demon' to become stronger. Tsubaki is also greatly upset if Black Star gets hurt, and although she is usually passive towards him, she will stand her ground and refuse to obey Black Star if she thinks it will put him in danger, breaking the usual principle that a Weapon has to follow their Meister's choices and decisions, showing that she thinks of him more than just her Meister.

Tsubaki also shows regret for involving Black☆Star in her fight against her brother Masamune, worried she may have manipulated him when she kept secret the Uncanny Sword's identity (in the anime) and that it was defeating Masamune that was her initial reason for joining Shibusen. However, even after defeating Masamune, when asked by Black☆Star whether she intends to remain his weapon, Tsubaki states that she will.[1]

At one point, Tsubaki feared Black☆Star would decide to end their partnership and become Soul Eater's meister, although this fear is quickly allayed upon seeing Black☆Star and Soul fail to resonate well in their duel against Death the Kid.[2] In fact, Black☆Star and Tsubaki are able to resonate so well together, as he is skilled in not just one of but all of her weapon forms, when it is rare for a weapon to have more than one form. Black☆Star is even capable of resonating with Tsubaki's Uncanny Sword Mode, despite the initial strain its immense power put upon his very soul.

While Black☆Star benefits from Tsubaki's calm personality, Black☆Star's confidence also has a positive influence on Tsubaki. Black☆Star gives her the confidence to be more honest with herself. She seems to understand him the most out of all the other characters, but admits that there are things that even she doesn't understand about Black☆Star, but she says that it doesn't really matter as she thinks friends do not need to understand each other all the time.

Maka AlbarnEdit

Tsubaki and Maka are shown to be very close best friends. When Maka is down or angry, Tsubaki is usually the person who talks her around. Tsubaki trusts Maka to a great degree and sometimes feels sorry for her when she ends up being teased by the likes of Black☆Star and Soul. As well, Tsubaki observes Maka closely with a smile as her friend tries to assume a brave face despite Soul's nearly fatal injury from Crona.[3]

Tsubaki also is not afraid to be firm with Maka, as when she shouts at her and Soul regarding their bickering during their battle against Free.[4]

Tsubaki also agrees to go along with Black Star to attack Arachnophobia to avenge Maka after she is paralyzed by Arachne's spider threads.

Maka and Tsubaki also commiserate with each other when contending with their respective headstrong partners.

With their deep friendship, Maka is able to be a meister to the weapon Tsubaki due to the compatibilities of their Soul Wavelengths. Although Maka only wielded Tsubaki in her Chain Scythe form, she still demonstrates her proficiency with this weapon form.[4]


Sanjuro NakatsukasaEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 49 - Father and daughter reunite

Tsubaki reunites with her father

Tsubaki and Sanjuro have a deep father-daughter bond, shown when she arrives back at their home in Japan. Her father comforts her when she tells him of her brother's death. It is also mentioned that she often sends letters back to her home, showing how close she is to her family.


Although Tsubaki's mother is mentioned but not seen, it can be implied that Tsubaki shares the same bond with her as with her father.


Masamune's redemption before death

Having died in their duel, Masamune says goodbye to his sister

Tsubaki loves her brother very much, but often had a habit of agreeing with him and compromising for him ever since they had been young, because she felt sorry for him as he had not been born with the multiple Weapon forms. This, instead, leads him to becoming an Evil human. Tsubaki joins Shibusen with the purpose of stopping him. At first, Tsubaki ends up only using her Chain Scythe to fight Masamune, even though she can use multiple Weapons, because she thinks it is unfair on Masamune, which leads him to accuse her of being weak and a flower without a fragrance, like the camellia flower. However, Tsubaki, determined to stop him, manages to defeat him, and thanks to her, Masamune returns to his human form before dying, and leaving his Uncanny Sword powers to Tsubaki. His death causes deep sadness in Tsubaki, even some time after his defeat. At one point, she privately asks for her deceased brother's help when she is worried that Black☆Star might end up walking the same path as him.


Liz ThompsonEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 78 - Tsubaki and Patty comfort Liz

Tsubaki and Patty consoles Liz over Kid's imprisonment

Being around the same age, the two get along, even though Liz sometimes takes advantage of her kindness. Tsubaki can also relate to Liz's pride for her younger sister, Patty, saying that it is just like her when she feels proud of Black☆Star. She is also the first to comfort Liz when she cries for Kid.

Pot of Fire and Pot of ThunderEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 63 - Tsubaki babysits

Tsubaki plays with Angela, Fire, and Thunder

Tsubaki sometimes acts like a mother figure towards the two young twins, as the two are shown playing tag with her and Angela.

Angela LeonEdit

When Angela is taken into the Shibusen following the defeat of Arachnophobia and Black☆Star's assassination of Mifune, Tsubaki acts like an older sister to the young Witch. She is seen playing tag with her along with Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder.

Soul EvansEdit

Tsubaki and Soul don't really interact much in the manga or show, but for the most part are on friendly terms. However, in Episode 11 of the show, Soul did show concern when Tsubaki was fighting Masamune.



Even though Mifune is an enemy of the Shibusen, as he is a part of Arachnophobia, Tsubaki sees that he is a nice person, and is dismayed that he would join such an evil organization. She even prevents Black☆Star from fighting him at one point, and entreats Mifune to not carry on fighting for Arachnophobia. She also blushes when Mifune tells Black☆Star that he has a 'beautiful sword' (meaning Tsubaki).[5] Although she fights alongside Black☆Star and helps him defeat and kill Mifune in their last battle with each other, she still grieves over his death, shedding tears in his final moments, and fulfilling his last wish to bring him closer to Baba Yaga's castle where Angela is as much as she can before he dies.

The Will of NakatsukasaEdit

As a part of her clan and a great wise being, Tsubaki deeply respects the Will of Nakatsukasa residing in her soul, even letting the Will briefly 'borrow' her appearance when he is confronting Black☆Star.


Tsubaki cares for Crona very much, always acting kind towards the nervous Sword Meister. She is saddened when Crona ends up rejoining Medusa, and when she and Black☆Star fight them, Tsubaki tries to gently entreat them to remember their time at Shibusen, assuring Crona that no one would try to betray them.


Tsubaki is slightly annoyed by Ragnarok's rude personality, but she still manages to put up with him. She doesn't mind cooking for him, even though he is incredibly gluttonous, being used to Black☆Star's large appetite. She says that it is worth cooking for big-eaters like him.


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