Tsugumi's mother is the mother of Tsugumi Harudori.[2] Though mentioned in the manga, she has appeared only in the anime.


Tsugumi's mother greatly resembles her daughter, having a light fair skin with indigo eyes and short, black hair. While cooking, she wears a blue, long sleeve shirt, light blue jeans, a green cooking mitten on one hand, and a white apron.[2]


Special AbilitiesEdit

Cooking: Tsugumi's mother is a capable cook.[2]


In the anime, While cooking supper for her family, Tsugumi's mother informs her to let her brother know it is almost time to eat. While Tsugumi goes to find her brother, she nearly trips over the family pet and inadvertently transforms her leg into a halberd. Hearing her daughter scream in pain, she finds her daughter's leg transformed, revealing Tsugumi to be a demon weapon.[2]


Preparations! ArcEdit


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