Tsugumi Harudori (春鳥 つぐみ, Harudori Tsugumi) is is the main protagonist in Soul Eater Not!. She is a fourteen-year-old Demon Weapon who joined Death Weapon Meister Academy's N.O.T Class after discovering her weapon powers where she was a weapon partner candidate between Meme Tatane and Anya Hepburn [5]. However, she would choose the both of them as a Meister as well as Ao Hoshino following Shaula Gorgon's defeat, creating a quartet team [6].


Tsugumi has a shy, excitable personality. Having come from a cozy life, Tsugumi still finds it a little hard to adapt to the DWMA, a place chock-full of strange things and people steeped in the supernatural. Out of all the academy students, she is shown to be the most normal if not mundane, because of this she is slightly reluctant around people she's not acquainted with and can get frightened or very nervous easily. She is also embarrassed very easily, often blushing. She is rather naïve and believes (and fears) in the supernatural, as she believes Kana Altairtarot readings straight away, before learning Kana fabricates many of her cards. This is rather ironic as she is a Demon Weapon, a person with the supernatural ability to transform into weapons.

Tsugumi occasionally feels self-doubt, retreating from difficult challenges, especially when doubting her worthiness as a weapon to Anya or Meme and what purpose she has as a NOT student at the DWMA.[7] After meeting Maka, and after encouragement from her teacher Sid Barrett and her meisters, Tsugumi grows more confident during her time at the DWMA, eventually confronting the witch Shaula Gorgon and killing her. Although she still is passive after this effort, overall Tsugumi can still pluck up her courage and stand up for herself when it really matters.

Tsugumi is kindhearted towards other people, smiling almost all the time and trying to please everybody. Beyond her nervousness, even with Kim, she proves to be enthusiastic in everything she does and tries her best at all times, shown when she puts a lot of effort in working at the Deathbucks Cafe, and is quite modest as well. She dislikes violence and sometimes tries to diffuse an argument or tell a person to not be so mean. She values friendship greatly, and is eager (albeit slightly nervous) at the concept of having a Meister partner in the DWMA. She states that she forgets all of her troubles whilst being with her friends. Despite having two people wanting to be her Meister, she makes a great effort to try and be both of their partners and make sure no one is left out. She is prone to looking up to people as idols and trying to become like them, even going as far as to imitate her idols' physical appearance.

She also describes herself as 'in love with love,' showing that she is a dreaming romantic. When it comes to romance, she has a bit of a wild imagination and is prone to daydream a little, although she tries not to take her daydreams too far. She at first, dreamt of being in the middle of a love triangle between two cute boys who both wanted to be her partner, and was a bit disappointed when she ended up having two girls wanting to be her partner instead. She is shown to be slightly more nervous around boys such as Akane and Clay.

Tsugumi also has low self-esteem regarding her body type, envious of her peers such as Meme and Jacqueline for their larger busts[8] and Anya for her slender legs. Like Maka, Tsugumi has a small bust, which often causes her to feel depressed when others call her "flat-chested",[9] which prompted her to choose her DWMA uniform because it obscures the shape of her body.[10] She will even refuse compliments about her appearance; when Akane calls her "cute," Tsugumi stubbornly replies that she is not.

Tsugumi's low self-esteem also causes her to question her abilities as a student and a weapon, as she admits that she has never experienced any hardships and is easily scared. Despite her low self-confidence, Tsugumi is able to face her fears with courage in order to try her best.


Human Form

Tsugumi Halberd anime character art

Tsugumi's front and back anime design.

Tsugumi is a young girl of Japanese descent, with a short, petite frame, and a fair skin-tone. She has shoulder-length, black hair, and indigo eyes. Her hair is stringy, with short, choppy bangs with a tuft on top, long eartails, and pigtails on the sides of her head. Later, she puts it in a pigtailed style inspired by Maka Albarn. This style features the classic pigtails still retaining her side bangs with her pigtails have two ponytails instead one and her hair isn't completely tied with loose strands still hanging. The hairstyle also has the same ruffle of hair as mentioned before. She later change's this from time to time by smoothing down all of her bangs and tying her pigtails so that they fall to behind her neck.

Her standard attire consists of black colored sailor fuku adorned with a white sailor collar with a black stripe running through it and a white tie of which ends in the shape and style of Shinigami's mask. She has a black jumper beneath a black vest and her skirt is black and gray with an argyle print with white trimming. She wears a pair of black knee-high boots over black pinstripe knee-high socks. She, like Maka is also shown not to be as "heavenly gifted" as other girls.

When working part-time at Deathbucks Café, she wears its waitress uniform. She wears a small cap in the shape of Shinigami's mask, along with a dress shirt with puffy shoulders tied and black ribbons along with a large extravagant polka dot bow tie. Above that, she wears a well-fitting black dress held up with suspenders, tied with a ribbon behind her back and with cross-stitches on the front. The skirt fans out at her thighs and has a white stripe going across the bottom. She wears white knee-length stockings and black shoes.

In Weapon form, Tsugumi transforms into a halberd, made up of a long slender haft tipped with an arrow-shaped spearhead. Below the spearhead is a blade that is curved like a short scythe on one side, and a small axe-blade on the other. In the middle of the blade is a small, lavender, X-shaped form.

Special Abilities

Full-Weapon Transformation (全身武器, Zenshin Buki): As a Demon Weapon, Tsugumi is capable of transforming into a weapon.[6]

Demon Halberd - (1 - Bladed)

Tsugumi's weapon form.

  • Demon Halberd (魔鎌槍(ハルバード), Maharubādo): Tsugumi possess the ability to transform into a halberd, with her weapon form having a combination of a axe portion, a spear portion, and uniquely a scythe portion.[11] This, as a result, makes her a sort of multi-functional weapon. In the anime, she can also change the form itself to fit more for her Meisters.[12]
  • Anti-Demon Wavelength (退魔の波長, Taima no hacho): Anya's comments suggest that Tsugumi possess an Anti-Demon Wavelength in which manifests itself onto her "edge" (the blade of on her weapon form). Pressure of her wavelength comes from the "edge" and wards off "darkness", having been shown strong enough to warrant avoidance of it's pressure by Shaula Gorgon.[13]

Athleticism: Despite her looks, Tsugumi isn't completely unathletic in a sense. Taught by her older brother, she learned how to play baseball. During a game of baseball with Meme Tatane and Anya Hepburn, she was seen able to even throw a curve ball.[14]


Initially, Tsugumi was unable to transform into a weapon at will, being one of the various sources of insecurity and at times even impaired her from actually being reliable in a situation of danger.[16] She later becomes proficient at turning into a Demon Weapon at will, though also suffered from the lack of creating an edge.[17] This block seemingly originates from her own self-confidence, being able to achieve having an edge once she was able to gain the confidence to want to strike down the enemy and Witch, Shaula Gorgon.[18]

Tsugumi herself also recognizes that in comparison to other DWMA students within her same class, her athleticism isn't on the same level and even criticizes herself, describing her performance as pathetic during the Athletics test and was ashamed of herself.[19] She later comes to the conclusion that even Meisters are at a level far above her and claimed herself that she wouldn't be able to beat a Meister.[20]



Introduction arc

After learning she is a demon weapon, Tsugumi Harudori transfers schools from Japan to attend the Death Weapon Meister Academy in Death City, Nevada, United States. On her first day of classes as a NOT student, she has trouble climbing up the long stairs leading up to the school. While Tsugumi is at the point of exhaustion and struggling to breathe, an EAT meister runs by her effortlessly: Maka Albarn. To Tsugumi's surprise, Maka stops and tells her to do her best. Looking up to Maka, Tsugumi takes this advice to heart, tying her hair into pigtails to resemble the meister's and managing to climb the last stairs the top, where she finds that Maka has left her can of soda to rehydrate and cool down, as well as a note welcoming her to Death City and to enjoy the cityscape from atop the stairs.[9]

With new enthusiasm, Tsugumi enters the Academy, where she sees numerous meisters and weapons walking between classes. She is startled to see persons in their weapon forms able to talk, as she comes to appreciate that weapons are treated as persons. She also sees Kilik Rung, a famous EAT student, followed by the media. She thinks how, as a DWMA student, she too may become famous and gain the admiration of boys, perhaps finding herself in a love triangle. Her daydream is interrupted by Black☆Star during one of his on-campus brawls, his fierce introduction frightening her to run off to class.[9]

Tsugumi arrives at her orientation class, led by Sid Barrett and attended by NOT students, including Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore. After receiving her shirt badge to identify herself as a weapon, she is knocked down by two late arriving students, Raid and Hao, which causes her to knock down another student, Meme Tatane. After apologizing to Meme and noticing how forgetful the girl seems, the two girls introduce themselves and begin speaking friendly with each other. While the two girls talk, they are observed by another student, Anya Hepburn. While the regal Anya is inwardly joyful to find a commoner like Tsugumi, she tries to retain a serious demeanor and rebuffs Tsugumi when she waves to her.[9]

AFter Sid concludes orientation, Tsugumi exits the room to see Raid and Hao harassing Meme. Tsugumi, feeling threatened, runs off, thinking that she cannot be a hero as she is only a normal girl. However, after thinking of Maka, she plucks up the courage to pull Meme away from the boys but is cornered by them. However, Anya intervenes, challening Hao and Raid to a fight against her and Tsugumi. She commands Tsugumi to transform into a Weapon. Tsugumi is hesitant, as she cannot fully transform, leading to Anya expressing her disappointment in her, arguing that a commoner such as her was supposed to be brave. As Akane and Clay observe the fight, Sid calls out encouragement to Tsugumi, prompting her to transform into her halberd form. With Tsugumi, Anya easily defeats Raid and Hao. After Meme thanks Tsugumi, and both girls thank Anya, Meme asks whether Tsugumi would become her weapon partner. Tsugumi is excited but concerned that Anya also had expressed interest in being her meister. Anya declines coldly, prompting Tsugumi to accept Meme's offer—until Anya pulls on Tsugumi's sleeve, showing she actually does want to be her meister. Torn between two meisters, Tsugumi realizes this is not the love triangle she had imagined earlier.[9]

Later that day, Tsugumi, Anya and Meme are lead through Death City by their NOT senior, Eternal Feather, to their new home in the girls' dormitory. Along the way, Eternal Feather explains that each girl has received a $200 weekly allowance from the DWMA and warns the trio to "beware of the Witch of the Girl's Dormitory. Tsugumi is frightened by this warning, a fear that only increases when she meets the dorm's tarot card reader, Kana Altair, who predicts that a disaster awaits her. As Eternal Feather shows the trio around the dormitory, they meet the dormitory superintendent, Misery. Tsugumi assumes the superintendent is kind, only to be shocked that Misery has an obsession with her due to her resemblance to Mary, the protagonist of her favorite novel, The Commoner of Flanders. Assuming Misery is the Witch of the Girls' Dormitory, Tsugumi quickly escapes and joins her meisters in their new shared bedroom. There, Meme and Tsugumi choose beds next to each other, which makes Anya jealous.[8]

As night falls, the three girls go to sleep. But Tsugumi soon wakes to find herself tied to her bed and confronted by Misery, holding a giant hammer over her to use to "train" Tsugumi to be like Mary from The Commoner of Flanders. Tsugumi is saved by the intervention of Meme, who sleepwalks and attacks Misery with Sleeping Fist, and dorm resident Kim Diehl, who knocks Misery unconscious and demands Tsugumi be quiet. Shocked, Tsugumi faints and is still shocked the next morning, still tied to her bed.[8]

Later that day, Tsugumi runs into Kim and thanks her for rescuing her from Misery. She is then itimidated by Kim, revealed to be the Witch of the Girls' Dormitory, to give almost all of her allowance as payment for the rescue. Ashamed, Tsugumi returns to her room to borrow money from Anya and Meme—and is shocked to learn Anya spent all of her money on food and souvenirs, offering a taiyaki to Tsugumi, and Meme has lost hers.[8]

At school, Tsugumi and her meisters pool their money together to buy only one soba from the Academy's cafeteria. However, Eternal Feather arrives with more soba, as an apology for not helping Tsugumi when she was intimidated by Kim. During lunch, Eternal Feather explains to Tsugumi Kim's behavior, including how she intimidated Eternal Feather to take on her psueodnym and her outlash at her suitor, the top of the class Ox Ford. She also offers Tsugumi and her meisters a list of part-time jobs in Death City to supplement her income.[21]

After school, Tsugumi and her meisters apply for a one-week part-time job at Deathbucks Cafe, where they are met by their employer, the Master, who introduces them to two other part-time employees: Akane and Clay, the same NOT students who were at their orientation. After all change into their uniforms—with Tsugumi and Meme finding Anya adorable in hers—the Master gives instructions that customers come to Deathbucks to support and see first-hand DWMA students. While Tsugumi is initially nervous to be working around boys like Akane and Clay, and initially finds the Master frightening, over the course of her day, she comes to enjoy the work, is less nervous around coworkers and customers, and compliments the Master's coffee, claiming it is really it and not DWMA students that attracts customers.[21]

Later that day at Deathbucks, Tsugumi sees a delivery of coffee beans arriving from Death Shipping part-time employee Ox. Tsugumi shushes Anya when she suggests Ox has to work because he spent all his money trying to attract Kim. After their week of working concludes, Tsugumi receives her pay and thanks the Master. On her way home, Tsugumi is approached by Ox, who gives them his pay from Death Shipping, explaining he took the job to repay Tsugumi for the money that Kim had taken from her. Ox offers this money in exchange for Tsugumi forgiving Kim, as he thinks she is distant for a reason. Unknown to Tsugumi, Kim is around the corner, overhearing this discusion.[21]

Back in the girls' dormitory, Tsugumi debates on whether to spend Ox's money. After Anya and Meme tell Tsugumi that to do otherwise would waste Ox's efforts, Tsugumi decides to use the money to throw a party at the Master's cafe, and thank Ox for it later. She then asks Meme and Anya to stop referring to her as "Tsugumi-san" and to simply call her Tsugumi. Although Meme happily agrees, Anya struggles and inadvertently calls her "Tsugumin" ("ignorant fool").[21]

Some time later, as Tsugumi continues to take classes at the DWMA, she attends a lesson organized by the three-star meister Sid regarding meister-weapon partnerships. Sid brings in Maka and her weapon partner Soul Eater to demonstrate how to synchronize. Before their demonstration, Maka and Tsugumi have a friendly discussion, as they recognize their similar body types and Tsugumi admits she wears her hair as pigtails to emulate her. After Sid interrupts with a Sid Chop to Maka, she begins her and Soul's presentation, which impresses Tsugumi. After this demonstration, Sid assigns the meisters and weapons to organize into teams of two. When Tsugumi feels conflicted due to her two meisters, Anya reminds them that Meme was her meister in the previous lesson, so it is now her turn. Before they can partner, Sid pulls Anya away to partner with the NOT weapon student Aaron. As she struggles to speak with the taciturn Aaron, Meme hugs and tickles Tsugumi. Annoyed by Tsugumi and Meme's behavior, Anya sneaks away from school as soon as class ends, leaving the two behind.[10] Realizing Anya left without them, Tsugumi and Meme leave to find Anya, followed by classmates Akane and Clay.[22]

Tsugumi and Meme eventually find Anya in a Death City alley, attacked by one of the Traitors who has been confronting DWMA students. While Meme and the recently arrived Akane and Clay are able to intervene to scare away the Traitor, Tsugumi is out of breath and is not able to join the battle. Akane and Clay accompany Tsugumi and her meisters back to the girls' dormitory.[22]

At the dormitory, Tsugumi and Meme realize that Anya was scratched by the Traitor, leaving what looks like an infected wound and seeming to have given her a temperature. Before they can bring Anya to the Academy's physician Dr. Medusa, Kim approaches, examines the wound, and places a bandage on it, claiming Anya just has a scratch. Actually, as Kim was applying the bandage, she surreptitiously used her Regeneration Magic to heal Anya. Tsugumi asks how much Kim is charging for this bandage; while Kim initially toys with Tsugumi, she finally claims the service is for free and walks off.[22]

That evening, Tsugumi apologizes to Anya for partnering with Meme and that she was worried that the meister left the Academy on her own. Anya tries to ignore Tsugumi's concern, arguing that Tsugumi already seems to be Meme's weapon anyway. When Tsugumi and Meme write down Anya's name on their arms as reminders that next time it is Anya's turn to be Tsugumi's meister, Anya forgives them. Unfortunately, after bathing, the ink on their arms fade away, so Meme forgets it is Anya's turn, Sid again partners the infuriated Anya with Aaron, and Tsugumi is caught in the middle.[22]

How To!

Two weeks since she arrived in Death City,[23] Tsugumi awakens from a nightmare in which she is attacked by the Traitor, only to find that Meme has slept-walked and fell asleep next to her in her bed again. Tsugumi begins to reflect on the dangers she has encountered at the DWMA. Although she believes she has to stay to learn how to control her Weapon powers, she wonders why Meisters come to DWMA. When she asks Anya and Meme, Anya refuses to give her reason, and Meme tells her that she has forgotten. While Anya and Meme leave for a Meister class, Tsugumi bumps into Akane and asks him the same question.[24]

Soul Eater NOT Episode 4 - Death City cafe 2

Akane takes Tsugumi to cafe to talk

Akane takes Tsugumi to a local Death City restaurant to explain why he enrolled, telling her he was born to the House Hoshi, and one of its branch families is the Star Clan of mercenary assassins. Rather than operate outside of the DWMA's rules as the Star Clan did, Akane joined the DWMA to apply his family's dojo training in the EAT program. Akane removes his eyeglasses to show his star-shaped left eye, which Tsugumi finds scary but beautiful. Tsugumi tells Akane that she admires his goals while she is at the DWMA only because she is a Weapon and could never be strong enough to survive EAT. After Akane refers to Tsugumi's nervousness as "kinda cute," he suggests Tsugumi join EAT as well, taking her hand and offering to protect her as his weapon partner. Tsugumi, blushing furiously, does not know how to react.[24] Akane then chuckles, releasing her hand and saying he was only joking. Akane tells Tsugumi that, if she does not find a goal at the DWMA in one year's time, then he will find one for her.[25]

The next morning, back in her bedroom, Tsugumi dreams of Akane, only to awake and again find Meme has sleptwalk into her bed—and is now naked and "dirty." When Anya sees this sight, she reminds Tsugumi that today is their school physical fitness test and suggests Tsugumi save her strength.[25]

At school, Tsugumi still struggles to determine her goal, her confidence shaken further as Anya, Meme, and their classmates seem to excel in physical fitness while she feels inadequate with her physical abilities. Tsugumi asks herself what is the point of having a goal if she lacks the strength to fulfill it. Her feelings are exacerbated when noticing Akane spends a lot of the physical exam staring at Anya, prompting Tsugumi to worry whether he is attracted to Anya and was flirting with her to get closer to Anya instead. However, after school, her self-doubt is interrupted by Akane, who reassures her that she tried her best, and her efforts convinced him that she will be fine. Tsugumi is also impressed that, despite his focus on Anya, Akane still noticed her. Tsugumi announces she is not sure what is her purpose but that shey will try her hardest to keep up with Meme and Anya. After Tsugumi thanks Akane for his encouragement, she is called over by Anya and Meme. As Tsugumi runs to catch up with her friends, she says that there is no point in beating herself up, because she's still only at the starting line.[25]

Traitors arc

Some time later, while Tsugumi and Meme introduce Anya to punishment games, Kim convinces the trio to work for her as cleaners at a local Death City pool. Kim plans to have Tsugumi and her meisters do all the hard work while she skims almost all of their pay. Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré joins the job as well, ostensibly to make sure Kim finishes the work appropriately. However, Tsugumi notices Jacqueline is not trying to disrupt Kim but actually seems to be trying to get closer to her.[26]

After they finish cleaning the pool, Kim pays Tsugumi and her meisters—far less than for the equal work they did, as Kim keeps the majority of their payment. Before Kim leaves, Tsugumi sees Jacqueline ask Kim out for ice cream. After Kim rudely rebuffs Jacqueline, Tsugumi asks whether Jacqueline is attracted to Kim and offers to help her attract Kim—to be her meister.[26]

Soul Eater NOT Episode 5 - Jackie Tsugumi

Tsugumi helps Jacqueline try to attract Kim

With the assistance of Eternal Feather and Kana Altair, Tsugumi and her meisters try different attempts to make Jacqueline appealing to Kim—which all fail. They prepare an omelette meal for Kim that they claim comes from Jacqueline, but Anya's poor cooking skills disgust Kim. They try to compliment Jacqueline's long, healthy hair to show Kim how helpful Jacquelin can be, but Kim thinks they are mocking her for her short hair. Tsugumi and others then procure from Misery Kim's secret file, which reveals her birthday is April 31, a date that does not exist. After trying to learn more about Kim from dorm residents, Jacqueline decides she has to let events unfold as they will: she cannot force Kim to be her partner.[27]

Later, Tsugumi learns that Kim and Jacqueline have become partners, not realizing that Jacqueline discovered Kim was a witch and, rather than letting her think she must abandon the DWMA, offered to keep her secret. Kim takes Jacqueline to get ice cream—and when they encountered Tsugumi and her meisters, Kim was coerced into buying some for the trio as well, as payback for not paying them fairly for their pool cleaning.[27]

Some time later, Tsugumi and her meisters watch crime films and television shows, causing Anya and Meme to imitate thuggish behavior—until at Deathbucks they encounter the cafe's newest waitresses, the ex-con demon weapons Liz and Patty Thompson. In retaliation for the Thompsons' rude service, Anya wields Tsugumi and challenges the sisters to a duel. However, the Thompsons reveal themselves to be handguns, their weapon form putting Anya, wielding the bladeless halberd Tsugumi, at a disadvantage.[28]

While Anya's loss in battle dissuades her and Meme from returning to Deathbucks, Tsugumi persists, as she is impressed how the Thompsons have such inner strength to survive as weapons on their own. Tsugumi's compliments to the Thompsons for their strength and beauty, as well as Master's advice to his new employees, encourage Liz and Patty to behave more professionally at work, starting by welcoming back Anya and Meme to Deathbucks.[29]

Soul Eater NOT Episode 7 - Tsugumi and Kim

Kim and Tsugumi study at Deathbucks

Having made peace with the Thompsons, Tsugumi and her friends return to Deathbucks, bringing the new meister-weapon pair Kim and Jacqueline with them for a study session. After the students encounter rude NOT students at the cafe, who are eventually scared away by the Thompsons and Master, the students attempt to help with the increased number of customers during a meal rush.[30][31]

Some time later, on their day off from classes, Tsugumi follows Anya and Meme to the Academy to pick up items Meme forgot that she left at school. Lost in the Academy's underground rooms, Tsugumi's uncertainty whether to follow Anya or Meme out of this labyrinthian structure prompts her to realize she faces a metaphorical maze: which person should she choose as her meister? This journey through the DWMA reveals its hidden rooms, as well as introduces the trio to the Eight Mysteries of the DWMA, including Justin Law and Tezca Tlipoca, who try to help the trio find their way out but only scare them away. Although initially terrified of the two Death Weapons, upon getting far away, Tsugumi and her meisters laugh despite themselves, excited by the fun they had getting lost and the surprised hidden in the Academy. They then spot a room marked the Anti-Witch Headquarters, hidden inside the school. Upon entering, they find Akane and Clay inside; while Clay struggles to explain why they are in this secret room on their day off from classes, Akane claims Sid works in this office and asked them to bring donuts. The two lead Tsugumi and her meisters out of the Academy. As Tsugumi thinks about how difficult it is to choose a meister between Anya and Meme, Akane again teases her that he could be her meister, shocking Anya, Meme, and Clay.[31][32]

On another day, Anya persuades Tsugumi and Meme to join her at Death City's flea market, the Death Bazaar, so she may learn more about commoners' lives. During their walk through the Bazaar, Tsugumi finds Maka Albarn has set up a booth, coerced by her weapon Soul Eater to make room in their apartment by selling her books. While Maka is hostile towards other customers, she offers to Tsugumi for free one book, Brave, encouraging the NOT student to read it.[31][33]

As Tsugumi and her meisters continue to explore the Bazaar, they find Eternal Feather—attacking bystanders, with her arm transformed into a butterfly knife, attempting to attack Anya as well. Tsugumi feels regret that it was Meme, not her, who protected Anya.[33][34] Tsugumi and her meisters do not realize that Eternal Feather received scorpion-decorated jewelry from a vendor, which released a mind-controlling venom to cause her to attack bystanders. This vendor, Shaula Gorgon observes from afar.[33] When Maka and Soul try to contain Eternal Feather, Shaula realizes cannot allow the DWMA to examine Eternal Feather and hence discover her venom, Shaula gives one last order to Eternal Feather: kill herself. Eternal Feather brings the blade to her own neck, slicing herself and collapsing. Overwhelmed by the shock of Eternal Feather's injury, Tsugumi swoons, falling to the floor.[31][34]

When Tsugumi awakens, she finds that Anya and Meme brought her to the home of an unlicensed physician that the DWMA keeps on retainer. The meisters explain to Tsugumi that the DWMA brought Eternal Feather to this location, where she is currently undergoing surgery after her self-inflicted injury. However, Anya is worried because of rumors that this unlicensed physician is known for making zombies out of his subjects.[35][36]

Eventually, Tsugumi and her meisters are summoned by the physician, Franken Stein—who they are surprised to see has a screw through his head. Stein takes the trio to Eternal Feather's bed—who now also has a screw through her head. Stein reveals that the screw is fake, just a joke he likes to play. After Anya expresses outrage at his joke, Stein confirms that he has successfully treated Eternal Feather.[35][36] But Tsugumi is distracted by the bandage over Eternal Feather's neck, realizing the dangers of being a student at the DWMA. Tsugumi also notices the blood in Stein's office, as well as that on Meme and Anya's outfits, likely from tending to the injured Eternal Feather, which only makes Tsugumi feel more guilt for her inability to protect Anya or Eternal Feather. Tsugumi then notices Eternal Feather has both of her pigtails, even though she remembers seeing that pigtail cut off. The pigtail then moves, taking a pen and using it to write on her pillow, scaring the trio. Tsugumi and her meisters are then more horrified before Eternal Feather's head falls off and chases them. Stein picks up the head and reveals it is merely a robotic duplicate, and he reveals Eternal Feather is actually in another bed—with another fake screw seeming to be through her head.[35][36]

Soul Eater NOT Episode 8 - Patchwork Lab

Friends visit Eternal Feather as she recovers at Patchwork Lab

Over part of the spring and the summer, Stein keeps Eternal Feather at his laboratory, under orders by Sid to examine her to determine whether she was a threat to the DWMA and to determine whether she was possessed by Shaula. In the anime Tsugumi and her meisters visit Eternal Feather to see how she recovers.[36]

That summer, Eternal Feather returns to the girls' dormitory to find Tsugumi and their friends are preparing for summer, wearing looser outfits and Tsugumi sprinkling water on the grounds. While her friends are happy to see her, they are surprised to find a screw growing out of Eternal Feather's back! She removes the screw, realizing her and Stein's prank was realistic but still annoyed Tsugumi and Anya. Eternal Feather also learns that, since her admittance to Stein's lab, Kim has broken up with Jacqueline, leaving the demon weapon heartbroken. The friends try to cheer Jacqueline up with reassurance that the break is likely only temporary before bringing her and Eternal Feather inside for drinks to cool down.[36][37]

Some time later, Tsugumi and Anya find souvenirs that Meme had acquired from destroying a cart while exercising around Death City. Tsugumi and Anya find one of Meme's souvenirs, a bat whistle. Tsugumi blows on it without any sound emanating—but its high pitch attracts numerous bats into their bedroom, scaring the duo.[38]

At school, Mira Naigus recruits Tsugumi Harudori and her meisters to organize DWMA missions' paperwork under the supervision of the chief receptionist, a former EAT student Auntie. As the trio sort these missions, Tsugumi wonders about what it means to be in the EAT[39] and witnesses Auntie's strength.[40]


Tsugumi begins her summer semester at the Death Weapon Meister Academy. During this time, while continuing to work at Deathbucks[41] she learns more about Death City and the Academy, including the cafeteria's international dining options, "Death Children" vernacular, celebrity graduates of the DWMA, and international influences on Death City neighborhoods.[42][43][44] Tsugumi also learns more about her classmates: she tries to learn about Akane and Clay's connection to Anya and what boys look for in girls,[45] may learn about Kim's hobby illustrating children's stories,[46] encounters a tanuki (Kim in disguise) in the dorm,[47] tries to help Anya sell her souvenirs at the Death Bazaar,[45][48] learns Anya is shorter than her,[46] learns Kana's Tarot cards are fabricated,[44] notices Hao and Raid's more mature demeanor,[49] catches up with Maka and Soul and sees Anya and Meme's nervous reactions upon learning they already met Soul and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa before enrolling at the DWMA,Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag. plays baseball due to a con by Kim[50] and tries to prevent Eternal Feather for falling for the same baseball con, and enjoys Anya's cooking—as well as Anya and Meme's physical appearance.[44] She also contends with heat[51] and a brief illness.[52]

Tsugumi's lessons at the DWMA teach her about the origins of demon weapons,[53] prompting her to intend to do better at her transformation abilities so not to scare away animals like her family's pet Pochi.[41][49] Despite coming in first in a NOT weapons-only track run[41] encouragement from Maka, Tsugumi still struggles to transform into a bladed version of her halberd. After one class, Anya and Meme confront Tsugumi, suggesting that her inability to transform fully owes to her indecisiveness: while Anya is adept with Tsugumi's spear form and Meme with her axe form, Tsugumi has not chosen either one of them as her one and only meister. Therefore, the meisters issue an ultimatum to Tsugumi: before Death City's Death Festival, a yearly battle competition between EAT students held on Halloween, Tsugumi must choose a meister.[54]

Preparations Arc

Soul Eater NOT Episode 9 - Dorm Garden 2

Tsugumi and her meisters harvest pumpkins

Before Halloween, Tsugumi and her meisters prepare: they plant pumpkins in the dormitory's garden,[55] debate whether they are too old for Trick or Treating,[56] and discover Eternal Feather's scary costume.[56] Tsugumi also inadvertently helps Clay scare Akane as part of a prank.[56]

The day before Halloween, Tsugumi and her meisters see their friends and neighbors decorating the dormitory, Deathbucks, and all of Death City for the Death Festival. As she and her meisters prepare their Jack O'Lanterns, Tsugumi worries which meisters she will choose before the Halloween deadline.[55] Later that day, Meme returns with her Halloween costume but refuses to reveal what she is wearing. The trio's conversation is interrupted by Kana Altair, who delivers a letter from Tsugumi's mother. But the letter contains news that causes Tsugumi to break down into tears and scream that she has to return home. Meme reads the letter: Tsugumi's dog, Pochi, has suffered an injury, with no chance of survival.[57]

Soul Eater NOT Episode 10 HD - Tsugumi regrets her outburst at Meme

Tsugumi regrets yelling at Meme

Later that evening, Meme returns—again with her Halloween outfit, forgetting that she already bought one. Outraged that Meme cannot remember why she is upset, Tsugumi lashes out at her friend. Meme apologizes and, with tears in her eyes, avoids both Tsugumi and Anya.[57]

That evening, Meme again sleepwalks—but out of the girls' dormitory. Tsugumi and Anya follow her, finding that she has broken into Sid Barrett's Anti-Witch Headquarters at the Death Weapon Meister Academy. Tsugumi and Anya confront Meme in the Anti-Witch Headquarters, then Akane and Clay enter to investigate who has broken into the room. Meme, sleepwalking under Shaula's possession, realizes she is outnumbered and attacked her friends, escaping out of the Academy. Akane asks Clay to stay behind to protect "the Princess" while he and Sid pursue Meme.[58]

Left alone with Tsugumi and Anya, Clay explains that Meme is suspected of being possessed by Shaula, making her a mole stealing materials from the DWMA to compromise their investigation of the Traitors. Realizing Meme's memory problems were brought on by Shaula's possession, Tsugumi now regrets yelling at Meme all the more. Clay leaves to rejoin Akane, ordering the duo to stay in the Academy where it is safe. But Anya reminds Tsugumi of her responsibility to both of her meisters: they have to follow Clay and help save Meme.[58]

During her escape from the Academy, the possessed Meme disables DWMA forces, her strength and combat skills overwhelming the soldiers. Sid Barrett calls for snipers to give the troops cover—but those snipers are already under Shaula's possession, instead attack Sid and his allies. Upon spotting Shaula on the rooftops, Sid orders Akane, armed with Clay, to cover him, while he pursues the witch. Sid corners Shaula in the Square of Liberty, underneath a replica of the Statue of Liberty. Even as Sid orders Shaula to surrender, he is surrounded by his own troops, possessed by Shaula. Distracted, Sid is unprepared when Shaula stabs him from the back, infecting him with her venom until he cannot move. Shaula determines that while Sid is a capable fighter, his will is far too strong to become the kind of obedient soldier he demands. Therefore, he must die.[58]

An explosion is heard throughout Death City. Tsugumi and Anya, trying to find Meme, follow the sound to the Square of Liberty, where they are joined by Akane and Clay to see that before escaping, Meme had ripped the Statue of Liberty from its stand, and used it to attack Sid. The students are horrified to find that their friend has killed their teacher.[58]

Death Fest arc

That night, Clay approaches Anya, demanding she leave Death City. He reveals to Tsugumi that Anya is actually Anastasia Yngling, a princess, and the DWMA assigned him and Akane to serve as her bodyguards without even Anya's awareness. When Tsugumi tries to ask Anya to stay, her meister turns her back on her, crying too much over her conflicted emotions to say she wants to stay, and coerced by Akane, Clay, and the DWMA to be driven to the Death City airport and back home.[59]

The next morning, on Halloween, Tsugumi is injured and grounded, not allowed to leave the girls' dormitory while the DWMA escorts Anya home and hunts for Meme. Explosions then rock Death City, as Shaula releases her Traitors to attack the Death Festival. While Misery initially locks down the dormitory, Kim and Jacqueline learn that Tsugumi can sense Anya's location and emotions, proving she has achieved a Soul Resonance with her meister. Kim surrepetiously heals Tsugumi with her Regenerative Magic and, with Misery's permission, leaves the dormitory to find Anya and Meme.[59]

Tsugumi runs to Deathbucks, where Liz and Patty take her to Anya's location on Master's moped. Upon reuniting with Anya and learning from Akane that Franken Stein is developing a cure against Shaula's possession, the two leave for Death City (in the anime, by Anya's Soul Resonance turning Tsugumi into a Flying Halberd, and in the manga, by Anya and Tsugumi riding Master's moped into town). Upon arriving at Patchwork Laboratory, Stein claims to have only one sample of the antidote, which Mira Naigus says is needed to produce a larger sample to cure all the infected—but which will apparently take weeks. Stein, supporting the girls, tosses them the antidote and encourages them to escape. Holding onto the cure, Tsugumi and Meme release the bat in their dormitory sent by Meme earlier to contact them. Track the bat to Meme's current location, they find Shaula with her as well.[60]

Having successfully tracked down both Meme and Shaula, Tsugumi and Anya prepare to do whatever it takes to bring Meme back to their side. As Shaula mocks Tsugumi and Anya, she then threatens to kill Meme, ordering their possessed friend to kill the two girls. As Anya battles with Meme, Tsugumi administers Stein's anti-venom cure by putting the cure into her mouth, then administering it to Meme through a kiss. The cure fails to completely remove Shaula's possession over Meme, who stabs Tsugumi in the shoulder. However, Tsugumi confesses Meme's importance to her and apologizes for the hurtful things she told her. The apology reinvigorates Meme's own will, breaking her mind control from Shaula.

Irritated by Tsugumi's success, Shaula attempts to convince Meme to join her side. Meme responds by throwing a blade at Shaula and informing her that she still cherishes the memories of her friends, Anya and Tsugumi, and intends to defeat this witch.

At this bell tower, Tsugumi finally decides her meister: she chooses both Meme and Anya, as each is proficient with one of her weapon abilities. The trio fight Shaula, yet her counterattacks are too much to handle alone. At this moment, Akane arrives and, despite his protests that these NOT students escape, joins them to kill this witch. When Tsugumi questions how, Akane reveals to her that she has a bladed edge. She is surprised to find she was able to finally sport a blade.

Shaula stabs her hair into the ground, summoning around the courtyard scorpion tails out of the ground that strike at the heroes. The meisters dodge and strike down the tails. Following Akane's attacks against the witch, Anya attacks with Tsugumi, and Meme attacks Shaula directly with her own hands. Shaula again attempts to persuade Meme that partnering with Tsugumi and Anya will weaken Meme, but again Shaula’s words fail to convince her.

Realizing she is outnumbered, Shaula leaps to the top of the building to escape, intending to leave her possessed soldiers to eliminate Tsugumi and hte others. Refusing to allow Shaula to escape, Anya and Meme both seize Tsugumi, and with the Soul Resonance of not two but three partners succeed in drawing out a new weapon form in Tsugumi: a lance. Leaping forward, Anya and Meme practically fly towards Shaula, aiming to cut through the witch. Shaula mocks the NOT students, claiming they cannot defeat her, until she is distracted by a sight that leaves her in fear. Standing atop the building are all of the Death Scythes: Spirit Albarn, Dengu Dinga, Tsar Pushka, Marie Mjolnir, Azusa Yumi, Tezca Tlipoca, Jinn Galland, and Justin Law. Leading the Death Scythes are Death the Kid and Death. Shaula realizes she stands no chance against all of the Death Scythes, and especially against Death. The NOT students are able to tear through the distracted Shaula (in the anime, this defeat happens with only Tsugumi, Anya, and Meme defeating Shaula alone, without Akane or Death). Shaula's body dissipates, leaving behind only her soul, which is collected by Kid (in the anime, her soul is collected by Tsugumi, who carries it to the DWMA tied to a string like a balloon before being handed to Akane, with Maka Albarn and Soul Eater watching this soul delivery). Clay congratulates Tsugumi and her meisters, as Akane reminds them that they have answered that “partner question” that has plagued them for so long.

In the months after Shaula’s defeat, Stein treats the previously possessed students, including Meme, and Anya returns to her parents’ castle, leaving Tsugumi without a partner. In the anime, Tsugumi is shown training over the winter in track and weapons training alongside Hao, Raid, and Aaron, under the supervision of Mira Naigus. In the spring, Tsugumi returns to the DWMA, where she reunites with Anya and Meme, both now returned to their classes and ready to renew their partnership with their weapon. However, Tsugumi has a surprise: she introduces Anya and Meme to Ao Hoshino, a NOT student who specializes in Tsugumi’s scythe form, effectively turning their trio into a quartet. The series ends as the series began, with Anya and Meme frustrated that their weapon cannot commit.


  • Tsugumi's cameo in Soul Eater
  • Tsugumi resembles You
  • Tsugumi's last name means 'Spring Bird' in Japanese. However, more notably, it is a pun on her Weapon form. The 'Hal' in 'Halberd' (ハル haru) is pronounced in the same way as the first kanji in Tsugumi's last name (春 haru). The 'Berd' in 'Halberd' (バード baado) is identical to the Japanese way of saying the English word, 'bird.' The second kanji in Tsugumi's last name means 'bird' in Japanese (鳥 tori).[61]
  • Tsugumi makes a cameo appearance in the Soul Eater manga, when Death mentions how demon weapons were first created.[62]
  • Tsugumi's design, especially in her Deathbucks uniform, closely resembles one of the first appearances You took on as a childish maid in the Gaidan from Volume 1 of Ohkubo's previous manga, B. Ichi.[63]


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