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Mira and Medusa with DWMA peple

People of two-star status alongside a three-star (Mira, far right).

Those whom attained the two-star (二つ星, futatsu hoshi) status are skilled meisters and weapons within the E.A.T Class whom have reached a level in which their skills can be better used within Death Weapon Meister Academy to fight against higher level threats such as the Kishin and the Witches.[1]

Meisters and weapons recognized as such are presumably referred to as two-star meisters (二つ星職人, futatsu hoshi shokunin) and two-star weapons (二つ星武器, futatsu hoshi buki).


Attaining a two-star status requires the approval of the faculty of the E.A.T Class in the DWMA. As the case with Spartoi, it those chosen for two-star status were previously recognized as the best of the one-star meister and weapons.[1] Two-star meisters and weapons can presumably take on two-star missions and are also able to perform missions ranking on "A", the second most dangerous mission type.[2] However, within the academy, they're still only able to access library information levels at level 1.[3]

Unlike that of one-star meisters and weapons, two-star meisters and weapons are distinct in that they tend to wear more formal wear such as a suit while on an assignment.[4] Spartoi, another group of two-star weapons and meisters, also wear more formal clothes during missions.[1]


  • Despite being a rank below three-star, this doesn't necessarily reflect one's ability and skill: when Zubaidah and Alexandre (three-star meisters from their partnering of Death's Weapons) witnessed Maka and Black☆Star' prowess, Stein points out they're exceptions to the rule and considers them "freaks".[5]

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