Ultimate Move: Black☆Star Big Wave (必殺 黒☆星ビッグウェーブ, Hissatsu: Koku☆Sei Biggu Wēbu) is a powerful Soul Wavelength-related attack used by Black☆Star.[1]


Chapter 2 - Black Star Big Wave

Ultimate Move: Black☆Star Big Wave in the manga.

Jumping towards the target from behind in a special stance, the user slams their elbow and palm into the user. The result is a star-shaped manifestation in which create an electrical-like force that injures the target.[1] In the anime, the attack appears to be internalized and doesn't manifests a star.[2]

This technique can be countered by an individual with a flexible soul, requiring them to match their wavelength to the user of the technique. Because a Soul Wavelength matches the other, it renders the tecnique useless.[3] If the user is too injured, the technique is also useless due to the user not being able to withstand their own wavelength.[4]


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