Soul Eater Anime Screenshot - Episode 14 - Sid Administers Super Written Test

Sid administering the test.

The Ultimate Written Exam (究極の筆記試験,Kyūkyoku no hikki shiken), known as the Super Written Exam (スーパー筆記試験,Sūpā hikki shiken) in the anime, is a test given to both meisters and weapons within the academy which focuses on the Soul Studies subject.[1]


The Super Written exam is a test given in order for DWMA and the student themselves to know where they stand in terms of knowledge. The test is solely based on the subject, Soul Studies (which is also known as phasmology).[2] The test also seems to be given every year[2] and seems to include the E.A.T Class and possibly the N.O.T class. Professor Stein had created the questions in the most recent test.[1][2]

On the day of the test, each student is given 60 minutes to complete the exam.[1][2] Those who fail the exam and are under 35 points are made to take a makeup test.[1]


Like that of normal tests, cheating is not tolerated though an instructor who administers the test may allow the student to continue.[1][2] However, it seems those who decided to cheat before the test aren't allowed to take it, though may take the makeup.[1][2] In addition, the punishment for it also may extend to physical punishment.[1][2]


Only 2 questions have been made known:

Question #1:Complete the following sentences."A sound soul dwells within a sound (blank) and sound (blank)[1][2]
Question #10 was a true or false question, but also doubled as a trick question.[1][2]


Question #1:A sound souls dwells within a sound (mind) and sound (body).[1][2]
Question #10: True.[1][2]


Previous YearEdit

In the previous year, Ox Ford came in first while Maka came in second.[1][2]

Most Recent YearEdit

Super Written Exam Results

Exam results

1st Place: Maka 100 points[1]
2nd Place: Ox-kun 99 points[1]
27th Place: Tsubaki 81 points[1]
108th Place: Soul 35 points[1]
113th Place: Liz 28 points[1]
128th Place: Patty 2 points[1]

Out of ConsiderationEdit

Death the Kid


  • Because the pattern on Patty's test marked a pair of correct answers, she was able to earn points.[1]


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