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The Uncanny Sword Arc is the fourth major story arc in Soul Eater. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa is tasked with hunting down the "Uncanny Sword", an infamous Demon Weapon revealed to be her older brother. Meanwhile, Medusa shows interest in a certain inmate at the Witch Prison.



Notable Instances

  • Tsubaki and Black☆Star hunt down Masamune, a evil Demon Weapon whom is Tsubaki's older brother and the main reason she enroll in the academy.
  • Tsubaki learns from Black☆Star the Star Clan and their influence on his life from their victims.
  • Tsubaki faces her older brother within the world of the Uncanny Sword and after a length battle, defeats him and acquires her first soul as well as the technique: Mode: Uncanny Sword.
  • Eruka and a Mizune sister attempt to assassinate Medusa Gorgon while in her nurse guise, having recognized the potential threat she poses to the Witch Order from both her ruse within the DWMA and her attempt at making Crona a Kishin. However, this fails due to having implanted a snake capable of killing her on command prior and after killing a Mizune sister, enlists Eruka's aid to free the Wolf Man with the Demon Eye from custody of Witch Prison.

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