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Uncle Bob's Rumba Coffee! So delicious it'll make you dance! C'mon everybody, do the Rumba! Shake your hips and do the Uncle Bob's Coffee Rumba with me!!!

Joe Buttataki (Episode 38)

Uncle Bob's Rumba Coffee is a small coffee shop located in Death City, not far from the Death Weapon Meister Academy. It is owned by Uncle Bob, a personal friend of Joe Buttataki.[1]

The coffee shop appears as a small shack with a large neon sign above it reading its name. The sign has arms and legs that are positioned to look as if the shop is dancing.[2]

Soul Eater Episode 38 HD - Uncle Bob's

Sign above Uncle Bob's

The shop's coffee is Joe Buttataki's personal favorite brew, and overjoys him to the point where he is so happy that he starts dancing. However, as indicated by his conversation with Death the Kid, few people are familiar with the small shop, despite Joe's insistence that it is the best coffee shop in Death City.[2]


  • The shop exists only in the anime
  • The shop appears to use an original brand known as "Happy Coffee," which Joe orders in large crates when working at the Academy.
  • Its owner, Uncle Bob, is never seen but constantly referred to by Joe.
  • The final episode shows a poster of Excalibur on the wall outside the coffee shop.


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