In both Soul Eater and Soul Eater Not!, there are various unique terms, phrases, etc. in the world of Soul Eater.


Death Child: This term is used to describe an individual who survived a near death experience in Death City.[1]
Death Children: Men and women who are born in Death City are referred to as being "Death Children".[1]
Dosako: A term used to describe an individual who has lived in Hokkaido, Japan's second largest city, for 3 days.[1]


Edokko: Term used to describe those who are born in Tokyo. For one to be a true Edokko, one's family must have lived in Tokyo, Japan for at least 3 Generations.[1]


"It's Dead": A phrased used as the equivalent to the saying "I don't know".[2]


West Side Glory: A street-crime movie that Anya Hepburn, Tsugumi Harudori, and Meme Tatane watched back-to-back.[3]


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