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"Mere" hatred? This hatred runs deeper than the deepest pits of hell!! You speak only for DWMA, which has long held the upper hand! For us witches, shunned and trapped in this isolated world, our hatred might well be considered our fundamental drive.

—Judge to Death the Kid, Chapter 98

This unnamed fox witch is a high-ranking and older judge of the Witch Order who appears to not only be a judge but also an assistant to Maba.[2]


The judge is shown to have a short temper and tends to be very loud, so much so even her superior, Maba, seems to show comical fear from her loud outbursts. Even though she's a judge, she doesn't give the defendants a right to propose most of the time. If she sees a defendant as annoying, she seems to have no problems in making their punishment worse.

The judge, like most of the witches, also seemed to have a deep hatred for Shibusen. So much so that she sentenced Death the Kid to "death one million times" just for being a Shinigami. She also wasn't willing to listen to Kim, Arisa, or Risa despite them being witches too due to them being around Shibusen. However, her views on Shibusen have changed, as seen as she helped the DWMA defeat Asura.


Her appearance resembles features of a cat and a fox, three stray marks on the sides of her face appearing as whiskers, slitted eyes with thin eyebrows along with a narrow, pointy chin. Her hair is black and long and is shaped to look like two pointy ears. Her clothing is that of a kimono in which is black on one side and white on the other with patterns that are inverted depending the color of each side. Under the kimono she seems to have, regarding her upper body, nothing to wear as one can see part of her breasts. She also possesses sharp teeth.[2]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Magic (魔法, Mahō): As a witch, the judge is capable of using magic.[3]

  • Soul Protect (ソウルプロテクト, Souru Purotekuto): The judge is capable of using an advance magic in which can camouflaged her witch soul and wavelength to appear as an innocent, good human being to evade detection from Soul Perception.[3]

List of techniquesEdit

Magic Techniques
  • Cancel (解除, Kaijo): With being able to camouflaged her soul with Soul Protect, it is assumed that she is able to cancel the effects of the Magic with this spell.[3]


Jets: Unlike like ordinary Witches who can utilize flight with a Witches' broomstick, the Witch Judge has some sort of attachable device in which allows flight and is seemingly powered by another source, as it is still active even with Soul Protect in use. These jets are located somewhere within the shoulder area of her kimono.[3]

Pipe: The Witch Judge often uses a seemingly modified pipe in which is strong enough to act like that of a mallet during her court trial.[2]


Witches Trial arcEdit

Chapter 98 - Witch Judge sentences Death the Kid

Witch Judge sentences Death the Kid "one million deaths".

When DWMA forces enter the Witches' Realm for negotiations, the Witch Judge arrives with various armed guards and places them on trial. Calling the court in session, she ignores any pleas pertaining to the negotiations, declaring "ORDER!" loudly each time and denying any attempts to negotiate. She has their charges read and even adds executions for Kim Diehl's outbursts. She then personally reads Death the Kid's charges and sentences, sentencing him one million deaths for being a Death God.[4] As Kid urges the Witches to assist DWMA and calls in the point of younger Witches not feeling the same, she rebuffs this with statements about the Witches' hatred for Death Weapon Academy. Even as the Death God begs on his knees, she is un-wavered. However, she is soon stopped by Maba.[5]

Despite being stopped, she continued remarking that the Witches' hatred runs too deep to be moved by his pleas, going as far as to call Kim a lapdog of the DWMA.[6]

War on the Moon II arcEdit

Chapter 102 - The Witch Juge remarks to Death the Kid to beat the Kishin

The Witch Judge remarks to Kid that he better defeat the Kishin.

Appearing due to Maba's Spatial Magic on the Moon, she arrives and remarks that she still does not trust the DWMA while leading a squad of Witches. Being part of Team "A" in which casts Soul Protect to be transferred to by Maba and Free from calculations of Team "B", the Witch Judge along with her fellow Witches casts Soul Protect and is transferred to the Clown Army to cut them from Asura's Madness Wavelength, stopping their regeneration. With the success, she urges more Witches to make more "protect bullets".[7] Feeling the Witches has done their obligation of cutting the Madness Wavelength away from the Clown Army, she then tells Death the Kid they're leaving. Though Kid thanks her for her assistance, she only replies that she not only made a decision based on the Witches as a whole but remarks he had better, in fact, beat the Kishin.[8]

Dark Side of the Moon arcEdit

Present as Maba teleports the remaining DWMA member from the Moon back to the Academy, she tells them to be grateful for the good gesture.[9] They're later present as Death the Kid recognizes their importance as well as capitalizing on their leadership and efforts in which helped defeat the Kishin. They also witness Kid promising to have better relations with Witches between them and mankind, even going so far as to prohibit the making of Death Scythes.[10] As Soul plays music from his keyboard on his scythe and Taruho questions her thoughts on the music, she only replies with that she doesn't "understand" it.[11]


  • (To Death the Kid) "Begging on hands and kness will not change a thing! Our hatred will not be contained!!"[12]


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