GJ Fredbear

aka Guilford Lewis

  • I live in Fredbear's Family Diner
  • I was born on November 22
  • My occupation is Hunting down my victims.
  • I am Fabulous! But alone and abandoned...

Template:Infobox Gjlewis (also known as Guil Cat) is a cat with strong magical powers but not a true warlock. Though he only appears in the first episode briefly.


In human form, Guil recently appeared as a handsome young man with a well-muscled build with black pants tight on the knees and witch-like shoes, an opened shirt showing his bare chest. He had brown-black hair which was spiked on the top (much like a hedgedhog). He wears a witch hat but it is shorter, more like a top hat or a fedora but the top still has the curly tip. He eventually wears a cat collar-resemble necklace and he has also got a belt and a second, thin belt hanging down to his left. He has ears like that of a cat instead of human ears and has long, cat-like tail color in brown-black. He had green eyes with pupils side-way slits like a cat. He also has sharp molars and two little sharp fangs.

In cat form, Guil apparently a cat with deep-brown colored fur, side-way slit pupils looks wider, and a long tail. He also wears a smaller version of his hat and a necklace.


Guil is very generous of showing kindness and respect to people. Loves showing off every jack-o-lantern to people during Autumn, even he likes creating scarier ones. He can be playful and fun-loving but if he is being treated disrespectful by someone, he will became annoyed and tell a person to stop harsh antagonizing him. He eventually likes taking bathes (ironically about cats dislikes bath but in human form always.)


Magic: See Magic.

Transformation: Guil has the ability to transform into a his cat form and human form at will.


Jack-O-Lantern Shield - A pumpkin-shaped shield what he created can protect himself from projectiles or any enemies' attacks.

Pumpkin Bombs - He can create pumpkin bombs with his hands and throw at the enemies, which the pumpkin bombs causes explosions.

Halloween Lasers - He will unleashes black, orange, white, and green colored lasers from his hands/pumpkins, when his enemies touch the lasers will stung badly or even burned (little not powerful).

Flying Pumpkins - Like Blair, he will also create giant floating pumpkins (uses them to sit one of theme or use to attack).

Pumpkin Blaster - A very powerful magic. He can able to shoot out hundred or more pumpkin-shaped energy balls with his hands.

Pumpkin Tank Barricade - It is the most powerful ability yet (but only use on the outside lands due of using it around the building will destroy any homes by mistake). It is a large soul-like shield shape like a pumpkin and can create several strong beams rotates a speed will control by Guil's hands and cause anything to destroy when touched.



Part in the StoryEdit


In the anime in a first episode, however, Guil (in silhouette) can be only seen briefly around the trees in the first time while Maka and Soul were attempting to capture Blair.


  • Guil's appearance bears a surprising resemblance to Blair's male form in Book of Eibon in Lust Chapter, only his cat form and his color of his hair, tail, and eyes different.
  • Guil shares many similarities with Blair:
    • Both are cats with powerful amount of magic.
    • Both really likes pumpkins.
    • Both are funloving and playful (but Guil sometimes).
    • Both have their pumpkin-theme magic.
    • Both really likes bathes.
    • Both are really good at understanding people.
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