Vector Arrow (ベクトルアロー, Bekutoru Arō) is a Snake spell and commonly known to be Medusa Gorgon's signature spell with her Magic.[1]


Vector Arrow uses arrows like 'snakes' that move rapidly towards the target. They can both cut and pierce the opponent acting somewhat as blades. Medusa can also manipulate these 'arrows' in various forms and fashions. They can move in any direction intended, making them extremely versatile, whether they be used for direct offensive or as a deterrent to confine an opponents movements.[1] According to Franken Stein, this spell is perfect for holding back multiple opponents.[2]


As the 'arrows' themselves initially originate from the middle of Medusa's back, a small weakness can be exploited through launching a center placed counter-attack before the 'arrows' have a chance to converge, as demonstrated by Maka. However, it should be noted that substantial speed is required to pull off such a feat.[2]



  • Medusa's Vector Arrows appears to be based on Shotaro's "Bones of Medusa"'s ability to fire vectors/snakes like Medusa's vectors from Atsushi's earlier series B. Ichi.


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