Volume 12
Volume 12
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Volume: 12
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Japanese ISBN:
Japanese Release:
English ISBN: 978-0-316-07293-9[1]
English Release: Jan 2013[1]
Chapters: Chapter 45
Chapter 46
Chapter 47
Chapter 48
Pages: 192[1]


The DWMA student body is still reeling after the news that one of their own is a witch. But as one young witch flees Death City, another has come back to DWMA hoping to strike a deal with Shinigami-sama. Medusa has already proven herself a traitor to the school, but the information she offers is critical to DWMA’s efforts to take down Arachnophobia and curb the spread of madness. Can Medusa be trusted to lead a team of students into the heart of enemy territory?![1]

Cover charactersEdit

Title Page CharactersEdit

  • Maka Albarn
  • Soul Eater (in weapon form, with the following message on his blade: "Listen to the Beat of the Soul")
  • The Moon (with the same message as Soul's blade)

Author Page CharactersEdit

  • Arachnophobia soldiers in cloaks and masks, with the message "Mask:Disguise:Visor"

Opening CaptionEdit

yet hidden,

Table of Contents ArtworkEdit

A child, shirtless and wearing a Jack O'Lantern, shouting "Yes!" next to the caption, "Pumpkin pants"


Chapter 45: "The Deal"Edit

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Chapter 46: "Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle" (Part 1)Edit

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Chapter 47: "Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle" (Part 2)Edit

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Chapter 48: "Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle" (Part 3)Edit

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Bonus ArtworkEdit

This volume includes artwork by other artists to congratulate Atsushi Ōkubo for the anime adaptation of Soul Eater. Artwork includes:

GAIDEN Non-Canonical EpisodeEdit

Main article: GAIDEN Non-Canonical Episode



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